Lifeguard Interview Questions And Answers

As you prepare for your interview for a job as a lifeguard, here are some ideas to help you get ready. The lifeguard interview questions and answers may not be exactly like other job interviews, but the same basic principles apply in case. Answer all questions with honest, thoughtful, and specific responses. When possible, showcase your previous experience and training to tell a story of how you have been successful in the past and how that can apply to the current position you are seeking.

Are you able to stay on task for long periods of time?

Because a lifeguard must watch the water for monotonous periods for the infrequent episodes requiring the rescue or assistance of patrons, employers want to be sure they are hiring someone who will not become easily bored or distracted. You can answer this question by citing your discipline in sports or academics as a way to demonstrate your ability to focus. Provide concrete examples of when your prolonged dedication to a task resulted in favorable results. Tell a specific example of your dedicated focus for over an hour's period of time. Describe how your commitment to excellence helped you stay on task and resist the urge to become bored or distracted. Avoid vague answers that don't really tell the hiring manager what you are like. If you have previous lifeguarding experience, you could draw from those experiences to describe your focused and attentive attitude.

What is your experience with CPR and first aid?

This question is fairly straightforward. The interviewer wants to know whether you are currently certified in CPR and AED and whether you have had and on-the-job experience using that certification. If you are not certified, you should get certified before applying. Then, during the interview you can describe your credentials and elaborate on the personal qualities you possess which make you a good candidate for the job. Anyone can get CPR certified, so demonstrate what it is that makes you uniquely fit for the position. Maybe it's your compassion, your physical fitness, or your specialized knowledge of performing CPR on infants and young children htat sets you apart. Consider what makes you uniquely qualified, and use that information to help the hiring manager see you as the best applicant above and beyond your training in CPR.

How will you balance meeting the pool's safety standards with providing excellent customer service?

As a lifegueard, you will be responsible to your employer to see that all patrons follow the pool policies and safety rules. Your leadership skills and ability to take control of potentially dangerous situations are key. Find a story from your previous work or school experiences that can highlight both your ability to see the other person's point of view and to adhere to company policies. The hiring manager wants to gauge whether you will have the confidence to enforce the pool's safety rules or if you will be negligent of the pool policies. Choose an example which shows how you understand the reasons behind the rules. That will allow your potential future employer to see that you could enforce the rules for the right reasons. This question is also your opportunity to describe your commitment to customer service. You could, perhaps, describe the tone with which you would choose to address a patron who repeatedly ignored pool rules or engaged in unsafe behavior in the pool. Your approach should balance a firm commitment to safety as well as an empathetic understanding toward a patron or parent of a patron who may be upset due to such a confrontation. Acknowledge that you are willing to refer to management or company policy to tactfully and thoughtfully resolve the issue.

Preparing ahead of time for lifeguard interview questions and answers will allow you to maintain your confidence throughout the interview. Come prepared to provide informative and relevant answers to all the questions the interviewer may ask.

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