Is There A Great Deal Of Turnover In This Job?

When an interviewee asks you about the turnover rate of the job, they are trying to learn more about the position. There can be a number of reasons for turnover. People get stressed quickly and leave, this position is a step to a higher position in the company or something in between. When a candidate asks about that, they are trying to figure out if this position in this company is a good fit for them. They may have a plan for their career, and they want to know if this position will help them fulfill that plan.

Points to Emphasize

Answering this question can be difficult, but there are certain points you want to make sure to emphasize.

  • Talk about the turnover rate.
  • If it is high, explain why. Try to make this a positive thing, even if it is negative.
  • Discuss how the company plans on lowering the turnover rate, or what can be done to stick around longer.
  • Keep your answer positive.

Even though this may not seem like the most positive topic, you have to strive to keep your answer light and cheery.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Try to stay away from these traps.

    • Do not alienate the candidate.
    • Try not to speak poorly about the previous position holder, any management or the company.
    • Be careful that you do not get defensive when answering this question.
    • Don't give a vague answer. That may make it seem like you are trying to hide something.

If a candidate asks you about the turnover rate, try to give them a positive, honest answer. This may help them see how they will or won't be a good fit in the company.

Sample Answer

Here is an example of an answer to this difficult question about turnover:

Lately, this position has had quite a bit of turnover. There are some difficulties, and some people in this position have found themselves overwhelmed. We are looking for someone who is a good communicator and problem solver, because that will help alleviate some of the stress that this position has been causing. This position had been held by the same person for 20 years, so I do not think that it is strictly the position. We just need to find someone who will be able to communicate, delegate and problem solve.

Giving an honest answer will help you find a candidate who will truly be able to fit in at the company, and perform well in the position. Do not be afraid to tell them exactly what you are looking for.

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