How Has Your Job Affected Your Lifestyle?

Have you ever had an interviewee ask you how the job has affected your lifestyle Well, they were really asking you about the company's values, the job's challenges and the work-life balance you were able to achieve. All of this information helps them get to know the company a little bit better. As they get to know the company, they can make an educated decision about the position. This is all in your best interest because you want a final candidate who will be dedicated to your company and excel in the position.

Points to Emphasize

As you answer this question, there are certain points you want to make sure to mention.

  • Talk about the time expectations that the position has such as mandatory overtime, taking work home or the regular hours you're expected to keep.
  • Discuss what the company values and how it affects the hours of an employee such as teamwork that correlates to having meetings outside of regular business hours.
  • Briefly talk about how the position has affected your lifestyle.
  • Remember, keep your answer as positive as possible.

By giving a detailed, positive answer you will prepare the candidate for the position.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you answer the question, you also want to make sure to avoid certain points.

    • Do not bad mouth the company or management.
    • Be careful not to give an answer that is too personal. They are really asking about the job, not your personal life.
    • Try not to be too vague when you answer this question.
    • Also, try not to give an answer that will alienate the candidate. If they have a family, do not say that this position allows no time for family. However, you also do not want to lie.

Giving a straightforward, honest answer will give the interviewee the best understanding of the company.

Sample Answer

Here is an example of what a great answer to this question might look like:

This job does affect your lifestyle. The company expects you to get all of your work done, so if that means taking work home it must be done. Teamwork is a big aspect of the job as well, but everyone is still expected to carry their own weight. When I first started out here I had a hard time balancing my personal life, but that was just because I hadn't learned how to be efficient at work yet. If you focus on your timetable, this job will not affect your lifestyle much.

Give the candidate the best answer that you can. Be honest, yet positive. Let them know what would be expected of them.

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