How Did Your Job Change While You Held It?

In asking this question, an interviewer is really asking how you advanced in your previous position. Those who advance or "change" in their jobs are usually productive workers. Therefore, it is important that you properly answer this question and show that you are a hard-working, dedicated employee.

Points to Emphasize

There are a few key points to emphasize in properly answering this question.

  • Identify the position that you initially held and the title or duties that changed.
  • Highlight your achievements and skills that caused the change in your job.
  • Express your excitement in taking on and adapting to the change.
  • Even if your job title did not change, share any tasks, skills and characteristics that you have developed through a previous position.

Keep in mind that you not only want to show that you have skills and abilities that allotted you certain duties and changes in your job, but that you also had the capacity to handle those changes.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

In properly answering this question, there are certain mistakes that you should try to avoid:

  • Do not try to breeze through the question by saying that nothing changed.
  • Even if you did not particularly enjoy a change, do not mention your dissatisfaction.
  • Stay away from mentioning changes that do not add to your credibility.
  • Do not mention any demotions, but do not lie about them either.

Make sure that the changes you mention, even if they are small ones, show you as a productive and progressive employee.

Sample Answer

A great sample answer concerning changes in your job might sound like:

While working as a customer service agent at ABC Company I was given the additional duty of dressing the mannequins. I employed different themes and studied current trends to keep the looks fashionable. My manager loved my displays so much that she put me in charge of approving displays that my co-workers created. I would review their mannequins, and if there were any parts that needed to be changed I would work with them to get their displays up to par.

Utilize this question as a subtle means to talk about your applicable skills and aptitudes for the position by sharing how you advanced in previous ones.

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