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Published on: May 30, 2017

What to Expect in an Accounting and Finance Interview

One thing to bear in mind when interviewing for an accounting and finance position is that most of the questions asked will be both about general accounting practices as well as those specific to the company with which you're interviewing. This means that the interviewer will want to test your accounting knowledge and, moreover, your ability to explain it in simple and compelling language. Be ready for technical questions, such as why companies might merge, what a cash flow statement is and whether you can explain the basics of auditing and compliance in your own words.

Be prepared to discuss your resume. An interviewer wants to see where you've been working, or, if you haven't, why not. If your background isn't in accounting and finance, have at least an understanding of fundamental accounting and finance practices under your belt. The company might also inquire as to why you picked the specific accounting and financing career you did.

Tips to Remember

Preparing for any interview is crucial, but when getting ready for a discussion about accounting and finance, you'll need to make sure you've got your responses down pat. An interviewer could ask you a variety of questions about varied subjects. Some tips to keep in mind:

· Find simple language to explain your technical proficiencies, such as technologies, programs or accounting terms you're competent in using.

· Consider non-professional aspects to your life. The interviewer will want to see that you maintain a balanced quotidian existence and might inquire about your hobbies or what you do for fun.

· Answer technical questions confidently and to the best of your ability, but don't make up answers.

Think up some responses in advance, but arrive ready to discuss your resume, past work experience and degree. Interviewers will want you to prove why you deserve to work at the company with which you're interviewing. Highlight your well-rounded life. In any financial job, you'll want to show you've got a brain for number crunching, but you'll want to mention things you do outside of work as well.

General Skills to Highlight

An interview in accounting and finance is similar to other interviews, although employers will expect a little extra out of you. Some additional skills they'll be looking for that you should highlight:

  • Communication– demonstrate your ability to convey complex accounting practices compellingly.
  • Technical Literacy– show that you know how financial terms work and what they mean.
  • Ability to Multitask– you'll be expected to work on documents with many moving parts.
  • Passion– let the employer see that your energy for the job drives your performance.
  • Reliability– employers will need to count on you as the fundamental bedrock of any business.

In your interview, you want to appear well spoken, creative and intelligent. Be honest in your responses to questions about the field, and your interview will go swimmingly.

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