Does The Company Offer An Employee Discount On Products It Sells?

When an interviewee asks you if your company offers an employee discount, they are trying to get to know the company a little bit better. This will help them figure out if the company is a good fit for them. When a candidate asks you these types of questions, you should eagerly answer. Your job is to figure out if they are a good candidate. The fact that they are asking for more information on the company shows that they also want to make sure that the company is good for them. This tends to lead to a more long term employee.

Points to Emphasize

Since you want to help them to get to know the company while you get to know them, there are certain points you want to emphasize.

  • Talk about any employee discounts that are available.
  • If there aren't any discount, discuss any other incentives that the employees can enjoy.
  • Tell them about any discounts they might get around town for working with your company.
  • Keep your answer positive even if the answer to their question is no.

Telling candidates about discounts they get for being an employee will help them get a sense of what is important to the company.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

You want to tell the candidates about your company, but you want to make sure to avoid falling prey to some common traps.

  • Do not talk negatively about the company, management or anyone else in the company.
  • Try not to alienate the candidate by promoting points that go against their values.
  • Be careful not to give an answer that is too vague. This may be tempting to do if there aren't really any discounts, but just be honest.
  • Do not forget to be straightforward.

An interviewee is trying to find a place of employment where they can see themselves grow. That's why it's important to be honest even if it may not be the answer they want to hear.

Sample Answer

Here is an example of what a great answer might look like:

We do not offer any employee discounts on products that we make. However, employees do get discounted tickets to the water park, community theater plays and local sporting events. There is actually a comprehensive list of places where our employees get discounts. It's mostly all local stores because we try to help local businesses. Even though there isn't a discount on our products, we try to help our employees get discounts elsewhere.

Give a positive answer even if you have to say no. Remember, you're the face of the company to the candidates.

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