Do You Have Any Advice For Someone Interested In This Field/Job?

Certain characteristics make candidates stand out to employers. Usually, an interviewer has these things in mind and looks for them in the applicants that are interviewed. Interviewees are aware of this fact, and the smart applicant will try to position themselves accordingly.

When an interviewee asks, "Do you have any advice for someone interested in this field/job" they are really inquiring about what you are looking for in an applicant. The general expectation is that your answer will be geared towards what people should do to be successful in the job or field. With this in mind, you want to make sure that you provide a proper answer.

Points to Emphasize

A poorly crafted answer can give an interviewee a wrong view of the position. To avoid this, there are a few things you should do and points to emphasize.

· Give two or three bits of advice related to the job that the applicant is interviewing for.

· Explain the importance of the things that you mention.

· If you have any examples to help bring clarity or validation to your points, briefly share them.

· Make sure that the points you mention and the job that the interviewee is seeking are all related in a clear manner.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Along with things that you should mention and do, there are a few mistakes and pitfalls that you will want to avoid.

· Do not make anything up or try to make fulfilling the position seem harder than it is.

· Stay way from vague or general answers that could easily be applied to any job or field.

· Do not give false advice to deter any applicants.

· Do not provide a long list of things an individual should accomplish, possess or exemplify to succeed in the position or field.

Sample Answer

In answering questions about advice for individuals interested in a position, a good answer could be similar to this:

Yes, for those individuals interested in the field of customer service I would advise them to attain some type of training, whether it be on the job or attending a class. Such training helps to develop strong client relation techniques, which are necessary for longevity and advancement. Being able to multi-task, work well with technology and maintain a pleasant speaking voice are also important traits to have for this call center customer service position.

Whatever your answer may be, make sure that it is relevant to the job the interviewee is interviewing for and that it provides applicable information.

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