How Would You Describe The Morale Level Of People Who Work Here?

When you're interviewing a candidate for a job, he may ask a question like, "How would you describe the morale level of people who work here" or, "Do the employees have a team spirit or are they dissatisfied with their jobs"

If a candidate asks this question, he would probably have a high morale in the workplace, which would likely be good for the company. He may ask this question because he fears working with people who only care about the paycheck or who are dissatisfied with their jobs. He probably wants to work somewhere where the employees come to work excited about their contributions.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, you'll want to reassure the candidate of the positive atmosphere of the workplace.

  • Reassure the applicant that the morale of the employees is high.
  • If morale isn't high, state that you are hoping to employ more people like himself in order to change the current atmosphere.
  • Mention anything the company is doing to boost morale, like positive reinforcement or increased benefits.
  • Discuss why morale is high, by referencing certain things that the company does to keep its workers excited about their jobs.

An applicant wants to be assured that he is entering into a positive work environment, and these answers can help convince him of this fact.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are certain things that you'll want to avoid saying in your answer. Follow these guidelines to avoid potential mistakes:

    • Don't discuss low morale unless you also state the company's commitment to boosting morale.
    • Avoid targeting certain individuals for having low morale, but instead always have the company take responsibility.
    • Be sure not to overinflate morale to a point where it seems unbelievable; everyone has off days.
    • Never admit that you or any of your superiors have low morale.

Essentially, your answer to this question should take away any concerns that the applicant has, so anything negative should be avoided.

Sample Answer

Two great examples to a question about morale are as follows:

To be honest, morale has been low recently. We attribute that to not making sure that we bring in the right people. We want a team of individuals who are really passionate about our product, which is why we're looking to hire people like yourself.

Our morale is relatively high. We offer incentives to our employees and reward them when they go the extra mile. Our employees know that we see them as individuals and not as means to an end.

A good employee wants morale to be high, so anyone who asks this question is asking the right ones.

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