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Nurse writing on clipboard in hospital
When and How to Send a Follow-Up Letter After a Nursing Interview

It's important to send a follow-up letter after your nursing interview. Here's how to focus your communication to help seal the deal on your dream role.

Nurse and doctor talking at patient bedside
Interview Tips: Showcasing Effective Nursing Communication Techniques

Some of the hardest nursing interview questions are about communicating with patients and doctors. We'll offer our advice to help you answer them.

Smiling nurse with clipboard speaking with elderly patient
What Inspires You? 8 Nursing Job Interview Questions to Prepare For

Interviewing for nursing jobs means answering general and technical questions. Here's our list of nursing job interview questions to help you prepare.

Nurse writing and speaking to patient
6 Nursing Interview Questions to Ask an Employer

'What questions do you have for me?' is frequently asked by interviewers. Here are our top six questions to ask in a nursing interview.