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Rancho Cordova Jobs At A Glance

Rancho Cordova At A Glance

Rancho Cordova, California, as well as most of Sacramento County, is an excellent location for work. Rancho Cordova has a population of 68,000, being just 20 miles east of Sacramento. Despite its large size, growing population, and proximity to the capital of California, it is important to understand the job market and working prospects for the area before searching for jobs in Rancho Cordova. Use the following information to jumpstart your research.

Job Market in Rancho Cordova

Job Market in Rancho Cordova

Like most major cities in California, jobs in Rancho Cordova typically have a higher average wage at the expense of higher unemployment rates. Last year, the Sacramento area was suffering from an unemployment rate as high as 6.8%. This year, however, it has lowered to 5.7% which is just slightly higher than the national average, which is 5.3%. Additionally, the average weekly wages are just higher than the national average of $1,048, sitting at $1,065. Because it is so close to Sacramento, Rancho Cordova’s largest industry is government. This is followed by the typically more common trade and service industry, and then healthcare, business services, and hospitality. The most common occupations in Rancho Cordova are office clerks, business operation specialists, and salespeople.

Resume Tips For Rancho Cordova Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Rancho Cordova  Jobseekers

Understanding the expectations for your resume is important. It may seem like your resume will be completely unique depending on what industry you are applying for, but many concepts are universal among all resumes.
1. Keep things organized. Use bullets, sections, and header to eliminate large blocks of text and ensure all the information on your resume is appealing to read. You cannot afford to chase any employers that are reading off with poor or unappealing formatting.
2. Be brief. No resume should ever be longer than two pages, and most should not even be longer than a single page. If your resume is just bleeding onto a second page, you should compress some information to make it fit.
3. Always have proper formatting. It is vital that you make full use of specific and strong action verbs. Additionally, there should be no personal pronouns in your resume and your experiences should be in reverse chronological order.
4. Include dates and locations for educational and work experiences, your contact information, and a brief summary.
5. Do not stretch the truth to make yourself seem more appealing. If you are trying to take emphasis away from an employment gap or missing degree, it is better to take information away, rather than add untrue content.

How to Find Jobs in Rancho Cordova

How to Find Jobs in Rancho Cordova

Like anywhere else in the United States, finding jobs in Rancho Cordova can be difficult. If you take the proper actions, however, it can be significantly easier to be hired. The following tips should help you get started.
1. Prioritize networking. With a recession, the hiring practices change. Knowing the right people, or being put in contact with the right people through your network, can make all the difference.
2. Be relentless. It can be discouraging when you do not hear back from an employer, but this is where following up comes into play. Unless you hear a definitive “no” immediately, you should be following every application you submit up with a call or email.
3. Understand that what you put in is what you will get out. If you roll up your sleeves and work at finding a job, more opportunities will reveal themselves to you. Do not rely on others to find the job you want for you.
4. Stay positive. You should realize that job searches are typically much longer than they once were, but do not get discouraged. Bringing energy with you into every interview and communication will make a good impression with employers, as well as keep you sane.
5. Prioritize your resume. This is your number one resource. It will get you in the door as well as earn you the job. More details about what makes a strong resume follow.