Thank-You Letter Resources for Job-Seekers

What follows is a collection of the best thank-you letter resources for job-seekers including articles and tools free samples of thank-you letters and key post-interview thank-you letter Websites.

Want to follow your job interview with a strong final impression? Write thank-you letters! Because so few job-seekers actually take the time to write thank-you letters doing so will help give you an edge in the job market. Don’t worry — we provide the tools and resources you need to write fabulous job-search thank-you letters.

Quintessential Careers Thank-You Letter Resources:

FAQs About Thank You Letters — one of the keys to a successful job search — thank you letters. This article address some of the frequently asked questions about thank-you letters.

Job Interview Thank-You Letter Formula — a thank-you letter after a job interview is critical for your job-search success. This article provides a rough guideline or formula for composing a thank-you letter.

Job-Seeker Basic Post-Interview Thank-You letter template — find the suggested structure for a basic post-interview thank-you letter.

Post-Job-Interview Thank-You-Letter Worksheet (pdf) — using this worksheet will enable you to add value to your thank-you letter by building on the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses of your interview.

10 Tips for Writing a Job-Search Interview Thank-You Letter — loaded with great information advice and tips for job-seekers this article discusses the how’s and why’s of writing thank-you letters after job interviews.

Quintessential Careers Thank-You Letter Samples:

Sample Job Interview and Career Thank-You Letters — where you’ll find a variety of different types of career and job-search thank you letters depending on your career situation focusing mainly on job-interviewing and networking.

The Other Thank-You Letter Resources for Job-Seekers:

How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Interview – A Simple Formula for Uniqueness — an excellent article By Judi Perkins that explains how to write a thank-you letter.

Interview Follow-up/Thank You Letters — a nice collection of thank-you letter resources from the Career Services office at Virginia Tech University.

The Power of a Simple Thank-You Note — a straight-forward article by Peter Vogt on about why job-seekers should write thank-you letters.

Thank You Letters — a nice collection of resources from Alison Doyle on Includes articles and sample job-interview thank-you letters.