Teen Job-Search Readiness Quiz Scoring Guide

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Thanks again for participating in our Teen Job-Search Readiness Quiz.

Give yourself 10 points for every true response and 0 points for every false response.

90-100 pts. — You are a ready to find your first job! Congratulations. You have put in the time and effort and completed your research. While it still may take a lot of effort, you should have good success in finding your first job.

70-80 pts. — You are in decent shape for finding your first job. You have a basic understanding of the job-search process, but what you don’t understand could hold you back or make it harder to find that first job. Consider brushing up on what you don’t know.

Under 70 pts. — You are in for a long struggle in finding your first job — unless you take the time now to learn the key elements you don’t currently understand. Use the resources on QuintCareers.com to enhance your knowledge of the job-hunting process and you should be on your way to having better success in finding your first job.

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