About the Author

Meg Guiseppi

Meg Guiseppi Meg Guiseppi, CPBS, COIS, CMRW, MRW, CPRW, CEIC, is an 8-time certified Personal Branding, Resume and Job Search Strategist for C-suite and Senior-level Executives. Author of 23 Ways You Sabotage Your Executive Job Search and How Your Brand Will Help You Land. In her practice at ExecutiveCareerBrand.com, Meg partners with her clients to define, differentiate, position, and communicate their brand and unique ROI value to their target employers. She asks her clients the right questions and synthesizes the best her clients have to offer in compelling brand messaging that speaks from their own voice, resonates with their target employers, and helps them land their next great gig. Connect with Meg on LinkedIn and Twitter.