Job Action Day

Job Action Day is a day of empowerment for workers and job-seekers — to put your career and job in the forefront, making plans, taking action steps.

Job Action Day is a day for all job-seekers and workers to take stock of their situations and make plans and/or take action steps to improve their careers.

For people currently working, Job Action Day is an opportunity to not only examine their current job and employer, but also evaluate both the stability of that job and employer as well as their personal fulfillment with their jobs. It’s a day to take stock of their careers and develop a plan for their next career steps.

For job-seekers, Job Action Day is a chance to take a break from the daily grind of job-hunting to take a look at the bigger picture of their careers and job-search strategies. It’s a day to develop plans for developing new job and career options and devising new and better ways to track down job leads and position themselves for employment opportunities.

The articles and blog entries related to Job Action Day will give both workers and job-seekers information, ideas, and concrete steps that they can take to secure their futures — both in the short-term and in the long-term.

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