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Queen Creek Jobs At A Glance

Queen Creek At A Glance

Located in Pinal and Maricopa counties and with a population of over 26,000, is the city of Queen Creek, AZ. This region is the second fastest growing area throughout the entire state of Arizona. It is a popular destination for many families in search of an affordable lifestyle and a favorable community. If you are looking for jobs in Queen Creek, the following details about the local economy, top jobs, and prospective salaries will be particularly helpful to you throughout your search.

Job Market in Queen Creek

Job Market in Queen Creek

Queen Creek is located in the Phoenix area, and this region has experienced positive economic results during the last year. Between 2014 and 2015, the unemployment rate dropped from 5.6 percent to 5.0 percent. This number is now slightly below the United States unemployment rate of 5.3 percent. According to the 2015 data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top sectors in the region include trade, transportation, and utilities, professional and business services, education and health services, government, and leisure and hospitality. The largest occupations in the Phoenix area are retail salespersons, customer service representatives, food preparation and serving workers, cashiers, and waiters and waitresses. Phoenix’s average weekly wage is $942, which is lower than the national weekly wage average of $1048. In 2014 and 2015, the unemployment rate decreased from 4.8 percent to 4.3 percent.

Resume Tips For Queen Creek Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Queen Creek  Jobseekers

Creating an attractive resume is one of the most important things you can do to find jobs in Queen Creek. The following tips can help you polish your resume and impress today’s hiring managers.
1. Resumes should be easy to read and scan. This way a hiring manager can quickly review your qualifications and determine if you are right for the job.
2. Use a resume template to help you create a professional looking document. Look for a template that stands out. Also, make sure to use one that has sections, headers, bold titles, and lists.
3. Experience can include current jobs, previous jobs, volunteer work, and any other relevant activities that demonstrate your qualifications. List this experience in chronological order, beginning with the most recent job.
4. Proofread your resume multiple times before sending it to others. Look for small mistakes like spelling or grammar errors. These problems are distracting to a hiring manager, and they can decrease your chances of landing an interview.
5. Always tell the truth on a resume. Lying to look better is not smart, and the employer will likely uncover the truth at some point in the future.

How to Find Jobs in Queen Creek

How to Find Jobs in Queen Creek

If you are searching for jobs in Queen Creek, make sure to develop your job seeking skills so you can maximize the opportunities that come your way. The following tips will be particularly helpful throughout your search.
1. Network. This is one of the most effective ways to find a job. Make sure to contact friends, family members, and previous co-workers. Ask them for help or advice.
2. Stay active on social media. Sites like LinkedIn are a wonderful resource if you are looking for a job. They can connect you with valuable contacts and help you find new job opportunities.
3. Be persistent. The efforts you make to follow up about jobs will not go unnoticed. Regular follow up communicates your desire to obtain a job, and it can keep you on the mind of a prospective employer. You can follow up until you receive a definitive “no. ”
4. Maintain a positive attitude. It is easy to get discouraged during a job search, and poor self-esteem can make it more difficult to find a job. Remember, there are many others that are unemployed, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.
5. Create a plan for your search. Outline what you need to do each day to find a job and stick to these objectives.