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Do Attractive People Have an Edge in the Workplace?

New LiveCareer Survey Reveals Attitudes of Professional Women and Men

San Francisco, CA – March 19, 2015 – In 2012, a dental assistant in Ohio was fired from her job for being “too attractive." While the all-male Ohio Supreme Court ruled that this decision was fair and constitutional, many observers begged to differ.

In preparation for International Women’s Day, LiveCareer surveyed working professionals about physical appearance in the workplace. 89% of respondents disagreed with the Ohio decision, and 83% of survey-takers also said they feel it’s sexist to fire someone because of the way they look.

Looks have an impact on who gets hired and who gets higher pay.

A majority of survey-takers agreed that physical appearance plays an important role in people’s professional lives. 64% of respondents said that women considered “attractive” are more likely to receive higher pay than those considered less attractive. As for men, 60% of respondents said that taller men have an advantage over shorter men in the hiring process.

Attractive women have better chances of getting hired than attractive men.

When men and women are going head to head for the same job, 50% of respondents said that female job candidates benefit the most from being attractive. Only 16% thought men benefit the most from being attractive, while 34% of survey-takers said that attractive men and women have identical chances of getting hired.

Are workplaces promoting the right culture?

While most respondents do believe that attractive people have advantages in the workplace, most would rather not think too much about attraction on a day-to-day basis while at work. They’d rather focus on their jobs. More than 67% of all respondents said they’d rather have a boss who they’re not attracted to whatsoever. And if their boss happens to be good looking, 63% of men and 76% of women said that it would have no impact on their overall work performance.

In an even clearer testament to how much more people value their jobs than an attractive workplace, 81% of all respondents said they wouldn’t pursue a relationship with a super model co-worker who’s interested in dating them if it meant potentially risking their job.

All the data seems to point to one central issue: most job seekers understand that their looks and how they present themselves matters in the workplace. But when attractiveness begins to impact fundamental issues like salary or job security, that’s when workers believe companies are crossing a line.

Survey Methodology

LiveCareer conducted this national survey from March 2, 2015 to March 16, 2015. The survey included a representative sample of 1,480 United States job seekers.

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