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Palm Springs Jobs At A Glance

Palm Springs At A Glance

In the middle of Riverside County, with a population less than 50,000, Palm Springs, California is a growing city. The nearest major city, Riverside, is about 50 miles west. Those seeking jobs in Palm Springs should begin their search by researching the job market in the area, average wages, and different prospects. This short guide provides a starting point for this research.

Job Market in Palm Springs

Job Market in Palm Springs

The job market in Palm Springs is improving, but not quite up to the average for other locations. Unemployment rate is down more than one percent from last year, now sitting as low as 6.5 percent, but the national average is lower still at 5.3 percent. Additionally, average weekly wages are just $850, while the average for the rest of the nation is just over $1,000. The largest industries in the area are utilities, government, health care services, business services, and hospitality. Additionally, the construction field is greatly increasing. The most common jobs in Palm Spring are retail salespersons and material movers.

Resume Tips For Palm Springs Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Palm Springs  Jobseekers

The resume is one of the most important parts of searching for jobs in Palm Springs. Ensuring your resume is up to the high standard that employers have will benefit you greatly. Be sure to put these simple tips into practice when writing.
1. Be active. The information that employers are most interested in when reading your resume is the things you have done. You should put a greater focus on your experiences and accomplishments than summaries and lists of facts.
2. Find a way to stand out. The employer that reads your resume will also be reading numerous other resumes. If yours blends in, the job will be going to someone else that was memorable.
3. Research proper resume formatting. There is a standard that employers expect you to follow. In addition to showing that you know what is anticipated, it makes it easier for the employers to get the information they need to make their hiring decision, which improves your chances.
4. Keep the length of your resume in mind. While it is typically expected for your resume to completely fill just one page, you can use two pages if your work history is extensive and cannot be communicated properly on one sheet.
5. Proofread your resume. You should always make the best effort you can to eliminate every typographical error, but you should also keep an eye out for large blocks of text or wasted space that you can fix.

How to Find Jobs in Palm Springs

How to Find Jobs in Palm Springs

If you are looking for jobs in Palm Springs, you may be wondering where to start. The actions you take should be the same as anyone searching for jobs in any location. By following these simple steps, you can help make the entire process more successful.
1. Take advantage of online resources. Databases and assessments are available online for free, and they can really improve your search. In today’s job market, you need every advantage you can get.
2. Prepare for a long search. The length of the average job hunt is getting longer, so think about how you will provide for yourself while looking. You should also make an effort to remain optimistic, even if it drags on.
3. Utilize your network. Knowing the right people can make all the difference. Using your network to get your resume into the hands of hiring managers and to set up interviews is far more effective than blindly applying.
4. Figure out what your plan is. Each field has unique hiring practices, expectations, and qualifications. If you research these aspects, and apply your search with them in mind, you can improve your success.
5. Have other options. You may not be able to get the job you want. When this happens,