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merrillville Jobs At A Glance

merrillville At A Glance

Located in the Chicago metropolitan area, Merrillville is Indiana’s most populated town. The area is a hub for retail trade and has a thriving industrial and technological park. If you are searching for jobs in Merrillville, read on to find more information about the area’s economy, job prospects, top performing industries, expected salaries and much more.

Job Market in Merrillville

Job Market in Merrillville

The market for jobs in Merrillville saw a net increase of 1 percent in the past year, resulting in the addition of 47,000 jobs. The unemployment rate for Merrillville is 5.9 percent, which is just over the national average of 5.3 percent. The area’s top performing sectors in 2015 were construction, education, health, professional and business. Construction did very well with a net increase of 4.3 percent and the addition of 7,100 jobs. However, the largest occupation for the area is retail salespersons. The area’s average weekly wage is $1,062, which is just above the national average of $1,048.

Resume Tips For merrillville Jobseekers

Resume Tips For merrillville  Jobseekers

Resumes are very important if you’re searching for jobs in Merrillville, so here’s a list of guidelines to ensure your document meets the current job market’s expectations for the document.
1. Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible. For example if you boosted sales in the fourth quarter, say you did so by 15 percent through a targeted ad campaign. This gives added credibility to your statements and professional merits.
2. List references in a separate document. Your resume is strictly for listing your professional details, so compile your references separately. Only give out your references if they are asked for specifically.
3. Proofread extremely carefully. In such a short and saturated document, small errors like missed periods or capitalization can spell disaster for your professional first impression. If possible, ask a colleague or friend to proofread for errors you may have missed.
4. Use a bullet format, except in the professional summary. Your resume should be easy to scan and bullets are a great way to convey information with a glance. However, in your professional summary, a paragraph format is expected.
5. If you use a template, customize it. Templates are fantastic organizational tools for resumes, but you don’t want your document to look like everyone else’s. Consider changing the section order, font and/or color scheme to add a little individuality.

How to Find Jobs in Merrillville

How to Find Jobs in Merrillville

To ease the process of finding jobs in Merrillville, you’ll need to make a few changes to your employment hunting approach. Try out these tips and see what works best for you.
1. Take charge of your job search. Ultimately, you’ll be responsible for your success, so be proactive in as many ways as possible throughout your search. Fully depend on your personal efforts and always go the extra mile.
2. Reach out to your professional network. While you can’t let your network do all the work for you, you may get some great leads when you ask colleagues, friends and family if they know of open positions in your field and area.
3. Attend local industry conventions, fairs and events. These types of occasions are where hiring managers and business owners go when looking for new talent and network contacts. You’ll put yourself in a great position to find leads and make a memorable impression.
4. Don’t exclude print mediums. Online sites are quickly becoming the most used job posting forums, but many small and large businesses continue to advertise in printed media. Consequently, pick up a few local newspapers and magazines to find more opportunities.
5. Schedule tasks and set goals. Hunting for a job is a challenging task, but setting a schedule can help you stay organized, focused and motivated. Plus, the process will be less overwhelming if your break it down.