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Massillon Jobs At A Glance

Massillon At A Glance

Located in Stark County and about 50 miles south of Cleveland, Massillon, Ohio is the 44th largest city in Ohio and has a population of just over 32,000 people. If you are interested in finding jobs in Massillon or nearby Akron or Cleveland, it helps to understand the area's current economic status, job prospects and average salaries. Read on for more information.

Job Market in Massillon

Job Market in Massillon

Although no specific information is available for Massillon, Cleveland offers similar statistics. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Cleveland area had an unemployment rate of 3.7 percent in November 2015, down from 5.3 percent in November 2014 and lower than the national average unemployment rate, which is also 5.3 percent. Education and health services is the most popular industry in the area and gained about 7,000 workers between November 2014 and November 2015. Transportation and utilities gained more than 2,000 employees in the same time, making it the second most popular industry. Professional and business services, government and manufacturing complete the Cleveland area's top five industries. Food preparation workers, retail salespersons and cashiers are the three largest occupations in the Canton-Massillon area. On average, workers in the area earn $912 per week, which is slightly less than the national weekly average of $1,048.

Resume Tips For Massillon Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Massillon  Jobseekers

Part of a successful job search is having a professional resume. Apply the following guidelines to your own resume to improve it.
1. Do keep your resume focused on your specific industry. If you intend to apply for jobs in more than one industry, you should create a separate resume for each one rather than try to group all the information into one.
2. Don't include too much contact information. New trends are to keep it minimal. Use your name, your city and state, the phone number you are most likely to answer and one email address. You can include one URL if you have a website.
3. Do consider designing your own resume instead of using a premade template. Because so many people use the templates provided online or in word processing software, a unique design will help you stand out from the crowd. Be sure to keep it professional and use only black and white text.
4. Don't lie on your resume. A hiring manager will likely find out before you're even hired, but in the event they find out afterward, you will likely lose your job. In some industries, you could even face legal repercussions.
5. Do use strong action words and quantifiable information. Instead of saying you were "responsible for raising sales," say "raised sales by x amount of dollars or by x percent. "

How to Find Jobs in Massillon

How to Find Jobs in Massillon

Searching for jobs in Massillon or any other city in the country requires a set of goals and a solid plan of action. If you have yet to create a plan to achieve your goals, use the following ideas to help you get started.
1. Use social networking sites. Search Twitter's hashtags for relevant information on your industry, join Facebook groups dedicated to jobs in your city and create a LinkedIn account to learn about companies in your area.
2. Network offline, too. Talk to your peers and attend job fairs and other networking events. Be sure to dress and act professionally and don't forget to bring copies of your resume with you.
3. Polish your resume. Ensure it is well-written and followed current resume best practices. Be sure that all of your information is updated and correct.
4. Keep up with changes in your industry. Read journals, blogs or other periodicals that will update you on new techniques or technology in your industry.
5. Speak to your local library. Libraries often provide free sources to help you write your resume and prepare for interviews. They sometimes offer job leads.