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How to Write a Thank You Letter

Although it is perfectly acceptable to send the thank you letter in an email, sending a handwritten note is a great personal touch. If you were interviewed by more than one person, you should send separate thank you letters to each interviewer.

Be inclusive: Each person who interviewed you should receive his or her own thank you letter. You can never assume who is making the final decision, so including everyone will help you cover all bases. Also send a thank you letter to the recruiter who helped you, if you used one.

Be timely: Keep in mind that there are other candidates interviewing, and so staying in front of the recruiter or hiring manager is crucial. Sending your thank you letter in a timely fashion, within 24-48 hours is a good measure of time, and shows the employer your personality and desire to go above and beyond.

Look out for details: Choose your thank you card and stamp wisely. Something too fancy might give off the wrong impression. Likewise, using a Santa stamp in June will appear careless. The best type of card and stamp are plain, and do not express your personal or religious beliefs.

Stay professional: Remember, you aren’t thanking your friend. Maintain a professional tone throughout the letter. Avoid using slang overly familiar words.

How to Format a Thank You Letter

Sending a thank you letter after the interview is a great way to restate your interest in the job. Begin the letter by thanking the interviewer for his or her time. Unless instructed otherwise, use a formal salutation. Next, express your excitement for the position and use an example from your time together to show the interviewer that you listened. Lastly, state your desire to hear back from the interviewer, and then end the thank you letter by wishing the person continued success.

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Common Thank You Letter Mistakes

● Adding the interviewer on social media: Connecting with the interviewer on social media is inappropriate. Crossing a professional boundary like this could show the interviewer that you do not respect boundaries, and that could negatively affect your chances of securing the position.

● Sending flowers: Do not try to get creative by sending flowers or plants as a thank you. Employers tend to frown upon a gift, as it could appear to be a bribe.

● Saying “no thank you”: There may be a time where you interview for a company and after the interview, you don’t feel like pursuing the opportunity. It’s ok to not send a thank you letter in this scenario, but probably not a good idea to send a letter that explains you do not want to proceed.

You’ve Written Your Thank You Letter. Now What?

Now that you have sent your thank you letter, the ball is in the employer’s court. The worst case scenario is that your letter isn’t read. The best case scenario is that your thank you letter can strengthen your candidacy, and get you a second interview — and that’s a great problem to have!

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