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Cindy Radd

100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234

Dear Ms. Janok,

I was terminated from my position as New Parkland Branch Administrator on Friday, August 29th for refusal to do my job. I request that you review the following details related to my termination.

  • Since May, my hours were cut to three days a week, but because of our bi-monthly billing and payroll system, my schedule varied from week to week.
  • Since the accountant was off-site, he requested that I build in an extra day twice a month to allow for possible delays in the mail system.
  • On Friday, the 29th, the manager left me a voice mail that said, “I don't have your schedule in front of me, but I need to you come in on Monday to do the invoices. The accountant didn't get them in the mail.”
  • I received that voice mail after lunch and called her back stating that Monday was not one of my scheduled work days but that I would be in on Tuesday.
  • When we hung up the phone, she called the sales manager and told him to escort me out of the office and that I was terminated.

Since the original error was the accountant's, and my coming in on Tuesday would have only resulted in one day's delay in processing the invoices, I believe I was wrongfully terminated. I don't want my job back, but I do want my reputation to remain in tact. Please contact me to resolve this situation.


Cindy Radd

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