Teacher Termination Letter

The global economy has made the teacher termination letter all too common in school districts that can ill-afford to lose good teachers. Always deliver a professional termination letter in the hopes that you will be able to bring that teacher back someday.

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Dear Gordon Haller,

We regret to inform you that the new school district budget has eliminated your position with the school, effective immediately. The district wishes to convey its condolences, but we hope you understand the financial nature of this decision.

Our current budget position has forced us to cut 10 teacher positions and you do not possess the seniority necessary to avoid termination. We never like to terminate good teachers because we do not want to deny our students the education they deserve and we consider you to be a good teacher. But with the budget issues that every school district faces, it becomes increasingly difficult for districts to keep the best people for the jobs. Please let us know if you would like a letter of recommendation for your job hunt as we would be more than happy to provide one.

We will direct deposit your final check and it will contain your unpaid sick and vacation time. We have disabled your district identification card, so there is no need for you to return it. We truly wish you nothing but the best as you look to move your career forward with another school district.


Jason Haller

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