Employment Contract Termination Letter Sample

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Lyle Griffith

100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Dear Mr. Pastorelli,

After having your department manager and Human Resources review your performance, it has been decided to take advantage of the Employment Termination Clause in your contract. This means your last day with Citibranch was the day you last left the building.

When you joined Citibranch, you signed a contract that included a morality clause. All top tier managers are bound by a code of ethics and behavior that exemplifies our corporate brand in its strongest light. This includes maintaining a public persona that does not sully the brand. Your recent behavior has far than disregarded that clause. It has drawn a level of unacceptable attention to Citibranch, forcing employees, executives and even clients to actually avoid the hounding media.

The temporary freeze of your passcodes have become permanent. Security will be sending you prepaid packaging. Use it to forward all company property, including your corporate IDs, cards, laptop, etc. Once those items have been returned, we will release your final paycheck and fulfill any other obligations per the contract. We will also prepare a press release that says you have chosen to leave Citibranch to take a break from the current stress in your personal life.

If you have any questions about this, you will have to contact me here at Citibranch’s corporate headquarters, ext. 7540.

Best regards,

Lyle Griffith

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