Nurse Resignation Letter Sample

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Dear Nurse Hoopla,

Please let this letter serve as my official resignation as a nurse at Bayside Hospital effective immediately. Unfortunately, I am not able to handle the stress and pressure involved in being a nurse. While being a nurse has been a dream I have had since I was a child, I must move on to something else in my life.

I want to apologize for the rash of paperwork tangles that my incompetence has caused, but I was doing the very best that I could. I, like you, thought that I would eventually get into a rhythm and a comfort zone with this kind of work, but I never did and I do not feel as though I ever will.

I want to thank you and the others for your unbridled support for me, even when I was making all of your lives miserable with extra work. Your support for me has touched my heart and it is something that I will never forget. But I feel that the best solution for everyone involved is if I resign immediately.

If you require more details or if there is more paperwork to fill out, then please call me at 555-643-5432 or email me at I would be more than happy to help make this as easy as possible on you and the staff.

Sincerely Yours,

Glenda D. Hall

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