Medical Assistant Resignation Letter

It's always a good idea to write a resignation letter. Neglecting to do so could burn bridges and destroy your chances of receiving a future reference from your employer. A medical assistant resignation letter doesn't have to be complicated. A few paragraphs sharing your intent to resign, your reason for moving on and your last day on the job are all that's needed.

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100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234

Dear Ms. Swanson,

I am writing to let you know that I am resigning from my position as medical assistant with New Parkland Medical Center. The reason for my leaving is that my husband has been transferred out of state. My final day will need to be April 28, as there are a number of preparations required for the move.

Working here has been a satisfying learning experience. I've grown quite a bit as a professional and learned so much. I've truly enjoyed getting to know the patients, and the staff has been like family. Thank you so much for every opportunity.

Please let me know how I can be of assistance during my final days here. I will definitely take care of any outstanding assignments paperwork or tasks prior to leaving. However, should you need anything from me, don't hesitate to call at (555) 987-1234.


Caroline Hudson

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