Firefighter Resignation Letter

In your work, you are used to putting out fires. Figuratively speaking, you should not leave your employer in a position of having to put out the fires associated with an employee who leaves their job without notice. To remain professional and worthy of a quality, positive job reference, the first step is to write a nice firefighter resignation letter. In that letter, provide your employer with your final date of work so he or she can find a replacement to cover your shifts.

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Dear Chief McDonald,

I am submitting this letter of resignation from my position of firefighter in Greenville. My last day of work for the city will be April 30, 2015.

I have enjoyed working for the Greenville Fire Department these past five years. I have become a part of the firefighters' team and feel like they are all an extended family to me. I will miss the fun downtime and efficient teamwork during fires equally, as it is so important to work with team members you know you can rely on when it counts. When we were not fighting fires, we truly bonded like brothers.

I know fresh recruits are coming in from training in the next few weeks. I am sure one of those guys or ladies will be happy to hear there is a position open within the firehouse on Elm Street. If you need anything from me in the weeks before my departure, please just call me at 555.515.5115.


Mike Worth

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