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Austin James
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Dear Ms. Blake,

I'm writing to ask why on our most recent writing assignment you deducted two points. I realize I'm being a bit of a perfectionist and I'm sorry to take up your time quibbling over two points but I feel they were deducted inappropriately.

The assignment was to take the opening phrase “Sam wasn't sure if it was a wonderful sign or a sign of disaster but Sam knew...” and then keep going. It was a free writing exercise. The instructions were to “...write without stopping or even thinking too much just scribble away... write for at least five minutes... you have permission for this to be nothing but gibberish. Just feel what it's like to write in a white heat.”If you had deducted points for any of our other more structured assignments I would have accepted it but it seems out of line with the assignment to lose points for an exercise in free writing.

Since I had a perfect score in your class until this paper I find it difficult to accept this point loss and am asking you to reconsider.


Austin James

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