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Clerk I - Typing

Texas Department Of Criminal Justice
Georgetown, TX, US, 78627
Posted 2 weeks ago

POSTED: 11-15-2021 CLOSES: 11-29-2021 JOB POSTING NO: 051010GE PAYROLL TITLE:...

Clerk I - Typing

Texas Department Of Criminal Justice
Fort Worth, TX, US, 76102
Posted 3 weeks ago

POSTED: 11-09-2021 CLOSES: 11-18-2021 JOB POSTING NO: 051010F1 PAYROLL TITLE:...

Clerical Assistant I/Ii Site: Campus Connection Rfp7193 Ai564

Central Unified School District
Fresno, CA, US, 93707
Posted 2 days ago


Police Communications Dispatcher (Continuous)

City Of Oakland, CA
Oakland, CA, US, 94604
Posted 1 week ago

The Position PLEASE NOTE: Due to current events and pandemic-related safety co...

Substitute Health Clerk - District Wide

Silver Valley Unified School District
Yermo, CA, US, 92398
Posted 2 days ago

Requirements / Qualifications Requirements / Qualifications Proof of current h...

Multimedia Educational Clerk - Educational Services Center

Silver Valley Unified School District
Yermo, CA, US, 92398
Posted 2 days ago

Requirements / Qualifications Requirements / Qualifications Must provide proof...

School Secretary At Glick Elementary

Empire Union School District
Modesto, CA, US, 95351
Posted 2 days ago

About the Employer MISSION: To provide each of our children with a rigorous aca...

Senior Deputy City Clerk

City Of Sacramento
Sacramento, CA, US, 94204
Posted 2 days ago

THE POSITION The City of Sacramento requires all newly appointed employees to b...

Communications Operator (Per-Diem)

City Of Hayward, CA
Hayward, CA, US, 94542
Posted 1 week ago

Description DEADLINE TO APPLY: Open Until Filled Next Review: Monday, Septembe...

Pharmacy Assistant

Kaiser Permanente
Los Angeles, CA, US, 90009
Posted 2 days ago

Description: Under direct supervision and control of a licensed pharmacist, pro...

More about typing jobs

Different industries seek experienced and skillful professionals that can perform high-speed typing and other related work across various typing job profiles. These professionals are required to compile reports, transcribe handwritten or recorded materials into desired formats, make data entries and record meeting minutes. You are required to gain excellent skills, expertise and experience to work in different industries and to build an accomplished career in the field.

Some Popular Career Options in Typing

There are different career options within typing that you can take up based on your skills, educational qualification, additional credentials and experience. Some popular job titles within typing include:

  • Data-entry clerks: Record information into the given computer system or software to maintain a digital database. They work on different data-entry tools and spreadsheet programs to record and manage data.
  • Medical transcriptionists: Transcribe audio recordings or handwritten documents prepared by healthcare professionals into easy and readable format documents. They also prepare patients' discharge summaries and examination notes, reports etc.
  • Typists or word processors: They are required to have a great typing speed to write reports and other content. They also put the written documents, data and reports in the said format.
  • Legal transcribers: Legal transcribers or transcriptionists work on content related to legal proceedings, petitions, memorandums or notice. They work collaboratively or under paralegals, lawyers and attorneys.
What salaries can you expect across different typing jobs?

The salary or base pay rate across different job profiles within typing varies majorly depending on experience, job title, employer, type of employment and geographical area.

  • As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, the average median salary of typists and word processors is around $42,000 per year.
  • Some entry data entry keyers in the industry may get an average median salary of about $35,000 every year.
  • Data entry clerks, caption editors and medical transcriptions may make somewhere between $14 to $15 per hour, this may vary based on their experience and employer.
  • Some of the highest-paying jobs in typing include technical writer, legal transcriber and proofreader as they make somewhere around $23 to $40 per hour
Typing Jobs Career Qualifications & Skills

The educational knowledge along with advanced skill set and on-job training makes you proficient to take up more complex tasks for future development in the field.

Educational Qualifications

The minimum requirement to work in typing industry is a high-school diploma or a GED. For more advanced roles like of a legal transcriber, you need to hold a formal degree in law or any relevant field. Copywriters and technical transcriptionists may also need to have specific subject-based knowledge to perform different job responsibilities. This also works for any other field that requires more specialized knowledge. You are also required to be proficient in MS Word, data entry and spreadsheet or excel.

Technical and Personal Skills

Ideal candidates may also need to have different technical, personal and soft skills including:

  • Communication skills – both written and verbal skills to write reports, data entry and transcribing
  • Typing speed–is the key skill that every professional in the field may possess. An ideal applicant for a typing job profile may need to have 50-65 or higher wpm.
  • Listening skills – to listen carefully to the recorded audio files to transcribe them in the said format
  • Computer-based knowledge – this may depend based on the job profile and company you work for. You should know how to use MS Word, Google Docs, Spreadsheet/Excel and different word processing software
Typing Job Interview Tips

To grab the right opportunity in typing industry, you may require to prepare for it right from the beginning. This majorly includes preparing for a job interview as it is the crucial step of finding a job. Here are a few tips that you can use before and during the interview:

  • Demonstrate your typing or transcribing skills – show proofs through additional credentials and certifications
  • You should know what’s written in your resume. Try to elaborate on each point to flaunt your achievements.
  • Talk about your experience (if applicable)
  • Talk about your proficiency in using different software and tools

Additional Tip: Try to advance your skills and experience through practice. Work on things like typing speed, data entry and transcribing to stand out among your applicants