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Spanish-Speaking Aquarium Educator - Part Time

South Norwalk, CT, US, 06854
Posted 4 days ago

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Inc. Spanish-Speaking Aquarium Educator - Par...

Aquatic Biologist - Central Wildlife District

State Of Massachusetts
West Boylston, MA, US, 01583
Posted 5 days ago

The Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game works to preserve the state's natura...

OPS F&W Technician - 77907604

State Of Florida
Jacksonville, FL, US, 32211
Posted 2 days ago

Requisition No: 518404 Agency: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissio...

Fisheries Biologist - Massachusetts

, MA, US,
Posted 2 days ago

Interested in Fishery Sustainability, Management and Hands on Marine Biology Wor...

Visitor Educator, Conservation Learning

Boston, MA, US, 02298
Posted 4 days ago

New England Aquarium Visitor Educator, Conservation Learning The Conservation ...


Seattle, WA, US, 98113
Posted 4 days ago

Seattle Aquarium Aquarist Posted: Open to internal and external applicants. R...

Physics Instructor

University Of South Carolina
Beaufort, SC, US, 29901
Posted 2 weeks ago

Logo Posting Number FAC00213PO21 Advertised Title Physics Instructor Campus Beau...

Enviromental Program Manager-Beach & Marine

Port Everglades
Plantation, FL, US,
Posted 3 weeks ago

REQUIREMENTS AND PREFERENCES The Broward CountyBoard of County Commissioners is...

Pelagic Fishery Observer - Panama City, FL

Panama City, FL, US, 32401
Posted 4 weeks ago

Interested in Fishery Sustainability, Management and Hands on Marine Biology Wor...

Pelagic Fishery Observer - Wanchese, NC

Wanchese, NC, US, 27981
Posted 4 weeks ago

Interested in Fishery Sustainability, Management and Hands on Marine Biology Wor...

More about marine biology jobs

Those with a bachelor's degree or PhD. in marine biology and an interest in studying aquatic life can explore a wide range of Marine Biology Jobs. Marine biologists typically research and analyze the oceanic ecosystem, including aquatic animals and plants. In addition, they can work in molecular biology labs and sea, studying and observing marine life and producing their findings for an organization or company. Eligible candidates can also pursue a career as an aquatic scientist, biologist, or even become a university professor. Marine biology is a very competitive field, but the data shows a 5% growth in employment of zoologists and wildlife biologists.

Career Opportunities in Marine Biology

Job opportunities in marine biology are limited but rewarding. Some of the typical marine biology jobs include:

Marine Biologist: The Marine Biologist is responsible for studying marine life, both in the lab and field. The job responsibilities include conducting field research to gather data on marine life, analyzing data, and publishing findings in scientific journals. It also includes working with other scientists to develop new hypotheses about marine life. Most marine biologists have a master's or PhD. in marine biology and extensive field experience.

Aquatic Scientist: An Aquatic Scientist can have a similar work profile to a marine biologist. Other responsibilities include collecting data, analyzing data, preparing reports, presenting results, and interpreting scientific information. Most marine research organizations prefer a master's in aquatic science for job roles in aquatic science.

Oceanographer: The Oceanographer is responsible for exploring and studying the ocean and its inhabitants. It includes researching various areas such as climate change, the biology of marine life, and seawater's chemical and physical properties. In addition, the oceanographer documents different aquatic data and develops a model to predict human actions on the sea.

Besides these popular career options, eligible individuals can also become microbiologists, biological technicians, and researchers.

Average Salary of Marine Biology Jobs

The salary of a marine biology job varies depending on the education and field experience. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of zoologists and wildlife biologists is about $66,350. However, the annual compensation can be different for fresher and experienced candidates.

  • An entry-level marine biologist makes about $53053 a year.
  • An aquatic scientist or senior marine biologist with 4-7 years of experience can expect an annual compensation of $77340.
  • The starting salary of an oceanographer is $55689, but those with 20+ years of experience earn more than $120000.
Marine Biology Job Qualifications and Skills

A bachelor's degree in oceanography, marine biology, zoology, or a similar subject, is required for most entry-level marine biology jobs. But some positions, such as aquatic scientist, can require an advanced degree and field experience.

Educational Qualifications
  • A B.SC in marine biology is a typical requirement for entry-level marine biology jobs.
  • A master's or PhD. in marine sciences, biology, or science & technology is ideal for a marine scientist or senior position. In addition, it is required for marine scientists to do independent or investigative research.
  • Individuals with degrees in other related areas such as biology (general), botany, and molecular biology can also find career opportunities in marine and aquatic jobs.
Technical Skills
  • Scientific writing and knowledge of various research methods
  • Ability to use advanced statistics to make models and interpret data
  • Field research skills, including collecting the specimen, testing and monitoring marine life in lab settings, mapping the species distribution, and more.
  • How to use GIS (Geographic Information System) during the field trip.
Important Qualities
  • Excellent communication skills to work with stakeholders, government agencies and coordinate with other departments.
  • Ability to endure harsh weather and endure long periods without human contact
  • Problem-solving and reasoning skills

Do note that different marine biology jobs require a different set of skills and personal attributes.

Helpful Suggestions for Marine Biology Job Interview

If you have acquired an advanced degree and adequate field experience, you can find many marine biology job opportunities. Here, the number of published research papers in prominent scientific journals and recommendations from a marine biologist or a biology professor can boost your chances of getting shortlisted. In addition, the interview panelists can ask a range of questions to examine your qualifications and experience. So preparing them in advance is a good idea to be confident during the interview.