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Senior Manufacturing Technician, Poros Manufacturing - Days

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Chelmsford, MA, US, 01824
Posted 2 days ago

When you're part of the team at Thermo Fisher Scientific, you'll do important wo...

Principal/Senior Principal Manufacturing Process Engineer - Manufacturing Equipment Lead

Northrop Grumman
Devens, MA, US,
Posted 4 days ago


Manufacturing Executive Associate

Vancouver, BC, US,
Posted yesterday

About Nexii To meet the needs of our future on Earth, the way we build the stru...

Principal Manufacturing Engineer - Bots

Alert Innovation
Billerica, MA, US,
Posted yesterday

We're hiring a Principal Manufacturing Engineer to design manufacturing processe...

Manager/ Associate Director Manufacturing Process & Facilities Engineering

Cresilon, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY, US, 11215
Posted yesterday

Cresilon, Inc is a medical device company based out of Brooklyn, NY that focuses...

Master Scheduler Needed For Busy Manufacturing Company.

Standard Miether
Westfield, IN, US, 46074
Posted yesterday

We areStandard Locknut- a local company that specializes in manufacturing of bea...

Electronics Manufacturing Engineer

Vulcanforms Inc.
Burlrington, MA, US, 01803
Posted yesterday

About usBorn out of MIT, VulcanForms is commercializing the first fully scalable...

Manufacturing Excellence Leader

Ipex Group Of Companies
Fort Pierce, FL, US,
Posted yesterday

Silver-Line Plastics LLC is a manufacturer of the industrys highest quality plas...

Business Development Manager - Manufacturing Solutions (Work Environment: Remote/Office)

Computer Aided Technology
Minneapolis, MN, US,
Posted yesterday

At Computer Aided Technology we are combining the strength of our core values, ...

Manufacturing Packaging Sr Scientist

Ultimate Solutions
Juncos, PR, US,
Posted yesterday

Ultimate Solutions Corp. is a trusted provider of packaging industrial automatio...

More about manufacturing jobs

Establishments like factories, mills, businesses, and plants across different industries look for professionals to perform different manufacturing duties. It is a great sector to work in for people who prefer more hands-on and practical tasks. From producing items to stocking inventories to handling data, the manufacturing sector involves different tasks based on a job title, education qualifications, experience, and additional credentials.

Some Popular Career Options in Manufacturing

Professionals can explore different job titles within the manufacturing industry to build a successful and rewarding future career. Some of the most popular career options in the field are:

  • Manufacturing technicians: are responsible for testing products and manufacturing assemblies. Their work also involves the maintenance of machines, tools, and other equipment along with the identification of various technical issues.
  • Manufacturing managers: oversee different production processes. They also give instructions to subordinates and ensure the smooth operation of various production lines.
  • Manufacturing associates: evaluate the requirements of a production and assembly line. They also work to improve the production plan and execute jobs accordingly.
  • Quality control inspectors: inspects and examines products, materials, manufacturing plants, and technical equipment to ensure maximum safety and quality.
What salaries can you expect across different manufacturing job profiles?

The salary of professionals working in the manufacturing sector varies largely depending upon their job titles, experience, the industry they work in, job location, and employer. The average salary of a manufacturing operator is around $14 per hour.

  • The entry-level salary of manufacturing associates and manufacturing technicians in the United States may range between $13 to $17 per hour.
  • Most manufacturing supervisors and manufacturing engineers in the field can earn between $63,000 to $77,000 every year.
  • Some of the high-paying jobs in the manufacturing industry are operation managers, mechanical engineers, and directors of manufacturing. These professionals may earn somewhere between $119,000 to $146,000.
Manufacturing Career Qualifications and Skills

For an accomplished career in manufacturing, the professionals are required to showcase an excellent amalgamation of both educational qualifications and various technical, personal, and soft skills.

Educational Qualifications

Many career options in this field, including machinists, testers, and assemblers, require training more than a formal degree or diploma. The minimum education required for such job titles is a high school diploma or a GED. For more advanced roles, the professionals need to hold a degree in engineering, business administration, technology, or any relevant field. You may need to acquire special certifications or licenses to work in different product lines like chemical, cosmetics, food, and medicines.

Technical and Personal Skills

These are a few essential skills that you should possess to perform a variety of tasks within the manufacturing industry. You can acquire these through on-job training and experience. Along with endurance, physical and mental strength, and interpersonal skills, some other important skills for the job include:

  • Machine-based knowledge – as most job title requires you to be able to operate a machine; thus, you should have some hands-on knowledge about that.
  • Communication skills – are essential for managerial or administerial level jobs to instruct, guide, and interact with both subordinates and supervisors.
  • Detail-Oriented–the work requires you to be attentive and closely monitor the whole process. This is also important during troubleshooting, data analysis, and machine examination.
  • Project management skills– to be able to complete the given task before the deadline. This is important to ensure smooth working conditions.
Manufacturing Job Interview Tips

The manufacturing industry primarily looks for people who are hardworking, skillful, and adjust according to the environment. These are also a few things you should keep in mind during a job interview for any job title in the field. You should keep a few points in mind to create a strong first impression among the interviewer(s).

  • Talk about your skills and competencies to work in the industry
  • Talk about your interest to work in a fast-paced industry like manufacturing?
  • Mention your experience of handling different types of machinery, equipment, and tools
  • Talk about how you’ll manage a team when applying for supervising roles

Additional tip: Share your resume with an employment or job agency that works in sync with different manufacturing industries. These agencies can make the whole job-hunting process easy and convenient for you.