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Law Enforcement Trainer - Law Enforcement Academy

State Of Missouri
Cape Girardeau, MO, US, 63701
Posted 4 days ago

Law Enforcement Trainer Law Enforcement Academy Full Time Primary Responsib...

Probation And Parole Law Enforcement Officer I **External Applicants Only**

South Carolina Job Board
Columbia, SC, US, 29210
Posted 1 week ago

Job Responsibilities Reviews background information, interviews offenders, asse...

Law Enforcement Auditor

Los Angeles County
Los Angeles, CA, US, 90009
Posted 1 week ago

Position/Program Information FILING DATES: NOVEMBER 16, 2021 AT 8:00 A.M. (PT)...

Law Enforcement Trainer

State Of Oklahoma
, OK, US,
Posted 1 week ago

Application Instructions: Click here to apply:

Law Enforcement Agent Usub

State Of North Carolina
Asheville, NC, US, 28804
Posted 2 weeks ago

Description of Work Salary Grade: GN12 Recruitment Range:$46,203.00 - $73,924.0...

Law Enforcement Officer I #2212 And #2213

South Carolina Job Board
Charleston, SC, US, 29423
Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Responsibilities This position is responsible for performing patrol officer...

Public Information - Law Enforcement Records Technician

Ada County - Idaho
Boise, ID, US, 83701
Posted 2 weeks ago

General Summary Do you meet our minimum hiring standards? Checkherebefore appl...

Misdemeanor Probation - Law Enforcement Records Technician

Ada County - Idaho
Boise, ID, US, 83701
Posted 2 weeks ago

General Summary Do you meet our minimum hiring standards? Check here before ap...

DMV Law Enforcement Inspector I

State Of North Carolina
, NC, US,
Posted 2 weeks ago

Description of Work Salary Grade: GN10 Salary Range: $39,611 -$67,060 A hiring...

Business Development Executive - Federal Law Enforcement

World Wide Technology
Arlington, VA, US, 22201
Posted 2 weeks ago

Why WWT? Fueled by creativity and ideation, World Wide Technology strives to ac...

More about law enforcement jobs

A Law Enforcement Job is a rewarding and fulfilling career option for eligible candidates. Law Enforcement officers have a wide range of job titles, responsibilities, and prospects and act as a protector of the law of the land. According to BLS statistics, the demand for law enforcement jobs will increase by 7%, with about 67000 new openings for police and detectives from 2020 to 2030. A high school diploma or equivalent is usually necessary, but a college degree is preferred. Before beginning on-the-job training, most law enforcement officers must complete their agency's training programs. In addition, the work environment can be challenging and may require working around the clock.

Most Common Law Enforcement Jobs

The police officer/detective is a member of a law enforcement agency who serves as the first line of defense against crime. There are three main law enforcement job categories:

Uniformed Officers: Uniformed officers are responsible for maintaining law and order and protecting the public. The daily work routine of a uniform officer can include patrolling the city, responding to calls for service, investigating crimes, and maintaining records of criminal cases, including arrests, confessions, etc. In addition, many law enforcement jobs such as deputy sheriff, fish and game warden, and state trooper are also part of the uniformed officer job category. 

(Plainclothes Officers) Investigators/Detectives: Undercover officers (also known as investigators, detectives, and special agents) comprise the second largest category of law enforcement jobs. Detectives are responsible for compiling information and gathering evidence in criminal investigations. Investigators interview suspects and witnesses, participate in surveillance operations, conduct search operations, and arrest suspects. Many law enforcement jobs like Secret Service Special Agent, FBI Agent, Immigration Inspector fall under the Plainclothes Officer category.

Support Staffs: Professionals that assist with the investigation and deal with evidence categorization, firearm testing, lab testing, and information gathering are typically those who fall under this law enforcement job category. Support positions are available in most federal and national agencies. The job roles can include Firearms Examiner, Crime Lab Technician, Hand Writing Examiner, Intelligence Analyst, and more.

Law Enforcement Jobs Average Salary

The annual wages of law enforcement officers vary depending on the position and the job role.

  • On average, a law enforcement worker gets an annual wage of $67000.
  • Detective and Investigators have the highest median annual wage of $86940.
  • Uniformed officers and police officers receive more than $65000 as their annual compensation.
  • The median annual salary of a law enforcement support staff starts from about $25000 and increases with experience.
Law Enforcement Jobs Qualifications and Skills

A high school diploma or equivalent is usually necessary, but a bachelor's degree is typical for most law enforcement jobs. The candidate must also complete a training program at the designated training centers before holding a law enforcement position. In addition, some eligibility requirements (given below) are almost mandatory before applying to federal or state agencies.

Mandatory Requirements (A candidate should be a:)

  • US citizenship
  • At least 21 years old
  • Excellent physical and mental health
  • Shouldn't have a criminal/felony/drug conviction history
  • Many federal agencies require a college degree for front-line positions.
  • A bachelor's degree in law enforcement or criminal justice can boost the employment perspective.
  • Proficiency in other languages (Spanish/Arabic/Chinese/Hebrew) can be an asset for some geographical regions.
  • Most candidates have to go through a training program before being posted as police officers.
  • Federal law enforcement officers usually receive extensive training to learn self-defense, firearm use, and constitutional law and police ethics.
Personal Qualities and Skills
  • Good written and verbal communication
  • Ability to empathize with people
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Work under stressful situations
  • Anticipating the course of action
  • Physical fitness and stamina
Law Enforcement Job Interview Tips

Those who have passed written and physical tests for law enforcement jobs have to go through an interview. The interviewer can ask various job-specific questions to assess your suitability for the position. Most frequently asked questions for law enforcement job interviews can include questions about your experience, your motivation to choose a police officer as a career option, what makes you most qualified for this position, etc. On the other hand, in-depth questions can be:

  • How well do you get along with people of various ethnicities and backgrounds?
  • What are your coping mechanisms when faced with moral quandaries?
  • Would you comply with your police chief's request if he ordered you to break the law?
  • What kind of preparation would you make in advance of a potentially hazardous situation?

Additional Tips: Be careful while answering moral-dilemma questions. Answer to the point if you don't have something to add that is relevant to the question. Be the best version of yourself and be respectful towards the interview panel.