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More about it jobs

The United States operates one of the biggest information technologies (IT) industries in the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, employment in the computer and information technology occupations is expected to rise by 13 percent in the coming years. The industry hires highly trained and qualified professionals for various job profiles. Some of the highest-paying roles in the industry include cloud architects, full-stack engineers, and machine learning researchers/engineers.

Some Popular Career Options in IT

Many career options within the IT industry require different experience, qualification, and special training. Some popular roles in the field are:

  • Web Developers: The work requires specialization in designing web and computer applications. The professionals work closely with website designers to meet clients’ demands and look after the technical aspect of the site.
  • Computer Programmers: These professionals test and write codes for the smooth functioning of various software programs and computer applications.
  • Data Scientists: Organization and analysis of data are the primary responsibilities of data scientists. The work may largely influence business decisions as the statistics help determine sales and financial records and lead generation.
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialists: AI specialists help in achieving cognitive stimulation through computer programming. They work in building a smart, interactive and safe system for different industries/companies.
What salaries can you expect across different IT job profiles?

The salary and pay rate across different IT job profiles varies depending upon the company, job location, job title, and experience.

  • The annual median salary of a computer and information research scientist is about $120,000, whereas a computer support specialist can make around $55,000 per year.
  • A web developer and system analyst can earn around $74,000- $75,000 every year.

Some popular companies in the United States, offering job opportunities across different IT roles are Wipro, Google, General Motors, Deloitte, and Microsoft.

IT Career Qualifications and Skills

IT professionals must possess a set of various technical and soft skills to build a strong and rewarding career across different job profiles in the industry. These skills coincide with your education qualifications to fulfill job requirements across different titles. 

Educational Qualifications

You would require to hold a degree in subjects like information security, computer administration, and data networking to get a job in the industry. For some roles, the aspirants require you to be a certified information systems auditor (CISA), certified data professional (CDP), or certified information systems security professional (CISSP).

Technical and Personal Skills

The industry would require you to jump between different roles and responsibilities. With time and experience, you may get promoted to a managerial level role where you need to have great organization skills. Some other skills may require to include:

Communication: even if you’re hired for a hardcore technical role, you must have excellent communication skills to interact with both your supervisors and subordinates to work in collaboration on a program/project.

Software/program-based knowledge: based on your role and responsibility you must have great knowledge related to the software or computer system.

Coding: understanding a coding language like C++, JavaScript and HTML are significant in finding a high-paying job opportunity.

IT Job Interview Tips

IT talent is in demand to perform a variety of tasks; thus, companies looking to hire professionals that can excel in all departments. The interview for IT jobs can be tough and challenging, considering its demand and rising competition. You can still nail the selection process by keeping the following tips in mind.

  • The interview process may have a technical and tech round, where you need to demonstrate both your theoretical and practical knowledge, so prepare for both accordingly.
  • Do your homework to know the existing program and projects of the company
  • Talk about your previous experience, achievements, and projects (if applicable)
  • Try to demonstrate that makes you the right fit for the job
  • Be confident and give practical-based answers to technical questions.

Additional Tips: Other than your experience and education qualifications, list down all the credentials and certifications you have received in the same field. If you have taken any special training or if you know any coding language, mention that in your resume as it can help you stand out among other candidates.