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Homeland Security Intern

State Of Georgia
Atlanta, GA, US, 30301
Posted 2 days ago

As part of the Office of the Governor, the Georgia Emergency Management and Home...

Homeland Security Regional SAP

Oakland County
Pontiac, MI, US, 48343
Posted 3 days ago

Job Summary Under limited supervision serves as a Solution Area Planner (SAP) f...

Senior Cyber Analytics Architect

Noblis, Inc.
Washington, DC, US, 20319
Posted 3 days ago

Responsibilities Mission: In today's complex world, there are evolving digital...

Intelligence Watch Analyst

Engility Corporation
Arlington, VA, US, 22201
Posted 5 days ago

SAIC is seeking an Intelligence Watch Analyst to work onsite with our Department...

Acquisition SME Hseff12

Washington, DC, US, 20319
Posted 3 days ago

Company Overview Avantus Federal, a NewSpring Holdings Company, is a mission-fo...

Training Development Manager Hseff12

Washington, DC, US, 20319
Posted 3 days ago

Company Overview Avantus Federal, a NewSpring Holdings Company, is a mission-fo...

Customer Service Representative

Charlie's Produce
Anchorage, AK, US, 99501
Posted 3 days ago

Overview Charlie's Produce is a privately owned wholesale produce company. We a...

Watch Desk Officer

State Of Indiana
Indianapolis, IN, US, 46218
Posted 3 days ago

Work for Indiana Grow your career with the State of Indiana! With more than 50 ...

Penetration Tester

Cyber Defense Technologies
Ashburn, VA, US, 20166
Posted yesterday

Overview: CDT is looking for an experienced Pen Tester to support a Department o...

Software Developer In Test - Java BDD Tester

Woodlawn, MD, US,
Posted yesterday

INADEV is a recognized SBA 8(a) certified SDB based in McLean, VA since 2011. We...

More about homeland security jobs

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created after 9/11 to act as an umbrella organization encompassing cybersecurity, border defense, disaster management, and other government entities. Today, over 240000 employees are part of different Homeland Security Jobs, including border patrol agents, information security analysts, immigration officers, and other job roles. A bachelor's degree in a relevant area is the minimum educational requirement; however, masters are highly preferred for Homeland Security Jobs. Apart from education, homeland security jobs require a commitment and passion for serving the community and a deep understanding of a diverse population.

Career Options in Homeland Security

DHS offers a wide range of homeland security jobs in various fields. Applicants with relevant education and training can pursue careers in different DHS departments. Some of the most popular homeland security jobs are:

  • Border Patrol Agent: The Border Patrol Agent enforces immigration and customs laws at US ports of entry and land border checkpoints. This position requires a high degree of physical fitness and knowledge of law enforcement procedures along with a bachelor's or master's degree in a similar field.
  • Information Security Analyst: It is one of the fastest-growing homeland security jobs, expected to grow by 33% from 2020 to 2030. The Information Security Analyst is responsible for planning, implementing, and maintaining information security solutions in various environments. It includes designing, testing, and updating security policies and procedures, performing penetration testing, performing risk assessments, and other cybersecurity tasks. Most IT analyst jobs require at least a bachelor's in computer science or a similar field and some experience in a similar role.
  • Emergency Management Director: The Emergency Management Director is responsible for coordinating the emergency management program and emergency response. It includes managing the emergency response plan, coordinating all aspects of the emergency response, providing a coordinated and timely response to emergencies, and exercising leadership to support the community. Therefore, a master's degree in disaster management is highly relevant for this job role.

Along with these homeland security jobs, one can seek employment in the US Coast Guard, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and other DHS departments.

Average Salary Across Different Homeland Security Job Profiles

The annual salary for homeland security jobs varies for different profiles. In general, cybersecurity specialists and intelligence analysts usually have higher wages than other job roles. However, DHS departments offer ample opportunities for career advancement.

  • The information security analyst has a median annual wage of $103590. However, those with extensive experience earn more than $160000.
  • The starting salary for an early career border patrol agent is $54383. On the other hand, patrol agents with 20+ years of experience report a total compensation of more than $108000.
  • The average salary of an emergency management director is $76,250, but many experienced directors earn above $140000.
Homeland Security Jobs Qualification and Skills

Starting a career in homeland security requires at least a bachelor's degree and mastering some of the specific jobs skills. The requirements can be different depending on the DHS department. Take a look at general education eligibility and skill requirements:

Educational Qualifications
  • Getting a bachelor's degree is the first step towards getting a job in homeland security. Also, it would be wise to complete a bachelor's in the desired area of work. For example, those who want to pursue a career in cybersecurity or information analyst can opt for a bachelor's in computer science or a related field.
  • A bachelor's degree in disaster management or public health is highly relevant for emergency management director roles.
  • Most border patrol agents typically have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice or national security and have completed their training program from Border Patrol Academy.
Essential Skills

Most homeland security jobs require physical fitness and various skills, depending on the job profile. Here are some general skills that are relevant for most jobs

  • Rapid Adaptability: Some job roles like intelligence analysts require quick adaptability and learning new technologies.
  • Flexibility: As most DHS employees work in a fast-paced environment, they need to be flexible to respond quickly and effectively. For example, an emergency management director may have to report anytime during a natural disaster.
  • Critical Thinking: A DHS agent's decision-making ability should be lightning-fast in potentially dangerous scenarios.
  • Effective Communication: Knowledge of multiple languages (Spanish for border agents) and the ability to present information in a structured and concise manner is highly preferred for most homeland security jobs.

In addition, the candidates need to acquire certifications, clear physical fitness tests, and pass the background check before becoming eligible for a homeland security job.

Homeland Security Job Interview Tips

The homeland security job interview can start from questions about your qualification and experience before moving to scenario-based questions. Here are a few pointers that can be handy for your job interview.

  • Pay close attention to every question.
  • Respond to inquiries as directly as possible.
  • Use examples of how your expertise, talents, and abilities fit the job to highlight your accomplishments related to the role.
  • Don't hesitate to ask the hiring authority to repeat questions if you need further clarification.

Additional Tips: Remain calm and poised during the interview as some questions are meant to assess your response to stressful situations.