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PMD Healthcare Administrator (Medicaid Health Systems Administrator 1)

State Of Ohio
Franklin County, OH, US, 43215
Posted 2 weeks ago

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) is committed to improving the health of Oh...

Healthcare Administrator

Henderson, NC, US, 27537
Posted 3 months ago

1274 Ruin Creek Road, Henderson, North Carolina, 27537-4168, United States of Am...

Healthcare Administrator

Cambridge, NC, US, 27320
Posted 3 months ago

1307 Freeway Drive, Reidsville, North Carolina, 27320, United States of America ...

More about healthcare administrator jobs

Healthcare administrators are in charge of planning, directing, and coordinating healthcare providers' commercial operations. Depending on the kind and scale of the organization, they are in charge of facilities, services, programs, personnel, finances, external affairs, and other management activities. Medical and healthcare managers are expected to see a 32% increase in employment between 2020 and 2030, substantially faster than the national average. Before entering the field, most administrators have bachelor's degrees, yet master's degrees are also prevalent. Health administrators had a median annual salary of $104,280 in May 2020

Some Roles and Responsibilities for Healthcare Administrator Job Profile

Healthcare administrators can choose from a variety of jobs and professions in the business. At all levels of the healthcare profession, administrators play a vital role. The healthcare administrators are in charge of providing training to their subordinates, budgeting as well as performing performance reviews. Some job roles for healthcare administrators include:

  • Assisted Living Administrator: Administrators of assisted living facilities concentrate on areas of elder wellbeing such as mental stimulation, sociability, and personal health. They help with programming, approving nutrition plans, budgeting, and fostering positive living for them.
  • Healthcare Quality Improvement Manager: The managers work on quality systems, process improvements within the facility, or analyze systems and procedures to identify and correct any deficiencies.
  • Hospice Administrator: A hospice administrator is in charge of a hospice agency's overall operations. Budgeting, assuring adherence to legislation, and managing personnel are all tasks.
  • Healthcare Clinic Manager: The professional employs and trains resourceful staff, handles the financial functions which include daily and annual reporting and maintains the facilities.
Salaries for Healthcare Administrator Job Roles

The remuneration a healthcare administrator earns depends on the skills, educational qualifications, experience and the region one seeks a job in. Overall, the annual median salary amounts to $71.960.

  • An entry-level Healthcare Administrator can anticipate making $58,321 per year on average.
  • The mean annual income for a mid-career Healthcare Administrator is $78,480.
  • The average total income for a Healthcare Administrator with 10-20 years of experience is $88,020.
Skills and Qualifications Essential for Health Administrator Job Roles

The daily workings of healthcare administrators vary on the organization’s structure, the tasks and the skills put to use. Most employers prefer someone with strong experience in the healthcare administration. Besides experience, the educational qualifications and skills are crucial for job role.

Educational Qualifications

For entry-level work, a Bachelor's Degree in Health Administration or an equivalent discipline is generally required. A Master's Degree in Health Administration is a more frequent academic path for people seeking careers in higher management, and it can lead to roles with far more responsibility. Some suitable universities that can help one advance on the career path include University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, and California State University- Bakersfield. One of the necessary certifications for the profession is Certified Medical Administrative Assistant.

Technical Skills
  • Operation management
  • Administration
  • Strategic planning
  • People management
  • Business Analysis
  • Budget Management
  • Team Management
Personal Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
Tips to Ace Healthcare Administrator Job Interviews

When appearing for the job interview for the profile of healthcare administrator, research about the organization beforehand and be thorough with your resume. This helps in handling the interview nervousness.

  • Examine the job specifications and make any necessary changes to your resume. This will improve your chances of reaching the top of the job application queue.
  • Prepare some responses to questions you expect to be asked during the interview. This will differ depending on the position. "Tell me about you," tell me further about your skills and shortcomings” and "what are your dreams and aspirations" are all popular questions.
  • Make a list of your queries. Develop a questionnaire to assist you to determine whether or not the role is suited for you. Be an engaged interviewer rather than a passive respondent.
  • Be punctual to the interview. Look presentable for your interview and prepare extra copies of your resume as a backup.

Additional Tips: Allow yourself a moment to relax your nervous system and take a few deep, soothing breaths. While commuting, try meditating to help you relax down before the interview.


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