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Freelance News Copywriting & Editing (M/F/D)

Social Sweethearts Gmbh
Orlando, FL, US,
Posted 5 days ago

We are a digital media and games company. On a daily basis, we reach millions of...

Creative Copywriting Intern - Winter 2022

Energy Bbdo
Chicago, IL, US, 60602
Posted 1 week ago

General Description/What You'll Do Energy BBDO is looking for Creative Copywtit...

Manager, Copywriting

Western Union Financial Services, Inc.
Posted 2 weeks ago

Manager, Copywriting - Denver, Colorado. Are you a tenacious, and creative thin...

Undergraduate Digital Copywriting Internship

Nike, Inc.
Beaverton, OR, US, 97075
Posted 3 weeks ago

Nike is a technology company. From our web and mobile experiences to the world-c...

Copywriting Intern - Summer 2022

Anthem, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN, US, 46218
Posted 3 weeks ago

Description: Description SHIFT: Day Job SCHEDULE: Full-time THIS IS A REMOTE...

Copywriting Intern - Summer 2022

Anthem, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US, 30301
Posted 3 weeks ago

Description: Description SHIFT: Day Job SCHEDULE: Full-time THIS IS A REMOTE...

Copywriting Intern- Spring

New York, NY, US, 10007
Posted 3 months ago

We are seeking motivated college students for a paid Spring internship with our ...

Copywriting Intern- Spring

Baltimore, MD, US, 21203
Posted 3 months ago

We are seeking motivated college students for a paid Spring internship with our ...

Manager, Graphic Design & Copywriting

American Express
New York, NY, US, 10007
Posted 3 months ago

Global Merchant Services (GMS) Marketing is dedicated to bringing buyers and sel...

Marketing Copywriting Intern - May 2022

Vermeer Corporation
Pella, IA, US, 50219
Posted 3 months ago

You're not likely to find another company like Vermeer. Our people are from all ...

More about copywriting jobs

Copywriting jobs essentially involve writing words that prompt action from a customer. Copywriters work in advertising, media, OTT media services, businesses and create stellar content that drives business growth. There are primarily three types of copywriting job roles: agency copywriters, in-house copywriters, and freelance copywriters. Although most recruiters look for creativity and experience weaving words that result in sales or client acquisition, a bachelor's in language or journalism can help find copywriting jobs. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 9% annual growth for 2020-30.

Career Opportunities in Copywriting

With different writing styles and a range of specializations, there are numerous opportunities for writers to become a copywriter. For example, someone can specialize in social media copywriting or become a freelance copywriter that encompasses everything digital. Here are some of the main copywriting jobs available across the industry.

  • Agency Copywriter: The Agency Copywriter is responsible for generating compelling copy for advertisements, marketing campaigns, web content, and other copy-based projects. It includes developing the creative concept, writing the copy, and proofreading to ensure flawless execution. As the job title suggests, an agency copywriter works for an advertising firm, PR agency, and marketing agency.
  • In-House Copywriter: Many large corporations with a dedicated marketing department hire a copywriter team for creating marketing copies, white paper, and other promotional materials. Unlike an agency copywriter, an in-house copywriter has only one client. Their primary responsibility is to develop a brand's voice that results in more signups or sales.
  • SEO Copywriting: The SEO Copywriter is responsible for writing and optimizing web content for a company website. It includes writing blog posts, product descriptions, and other web content. The SEO copywriter has to include specific keywords and phrases as recommended by the company's marketing department. It is different from the other two because an SEO copywriter has to write to match the search query.

There are different copywriting jobs, but they all do more or less the same work. The only difference is that web copywriting requires knowledge of digital analytics and tools in addition to creative writing skills. With experience and a solid portfolio, one can advance to senior copywriter and even become a media manager.

Average Salary of Copywriting Jobs

The potential income of a copywriter depends on many things. For example, whether they work as a freelance or for a company, overall experience and location, all these factors can determine the annual income. On average, writers and authors earn more than $67000 per year.

  • A copywriter makes about $53000 on average. With 5-9 years of experience and the right set of skills, the annual salary of a copywriter can be $60000.
  • Entry-level agency copywriter or marketing copywriter can expect about $41000 per year salary. With more than 20 years of experience, the average salary reaches $62000.
  • The average salary for an SEO copywriter is $45000.

Also, note that many copywriters also work as freelance apart from working a full-time job, and they increase their annual income more than the above-mentioned average salary.

Copywriter Jobs Career Qualifications and Skills

A bachelor's degree in marketing, journalism, mass communication, and English is preferred but not a mandatory prerequisite. Many people gain experience through writing blogs and doing internships in media houses. However, many large companies hiring a full-time copywriter prefer a candidate with at least a bachelor's degree. The main ingredients of a successful career in copywriting business are excellent writing and creative skills.

Writing Skills
  • Persuasive writing: The end goal of every copywriting job is to persuade audiences to take action. So developing a writing style that demands action can be a great asset for job seekers.
  • Writing styles: Digital media has become the biggest employer for copywriters. So learning how to write a title, landing page, sales email, Google/Bing Ads, and video script can be helpful for those looking for a career in online copywriting.
Personal Qualities
  • Ability to adapt different writing styles
  • Highly creative
  • Ability to connect with the audiences
  • Critical-thinking skills for understanding new concepts
Copywriting Job Interview Tips

It's always tough to face an interview. However, with the right approach and skills, you can easily crack an interview with confidence. Here are some helpful tips for the copywriting job interview:

  • Be ready for common questions about your writing style, favorite author, and your work portfolio.
  • Research the company (if possible, make a summary of tentative improvements for the company's website.)
  • Ask for a recommendation (LinkedIn is a great place to meet similar-interest professionals)
  • Listen more, speak concisely and to the point.
  • Keep an online portfolio of your best copy works.