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Construction Project Manager

Pacific Hydrotech Corp.
Perris, CA, US,
Posted 2 days ago

Pacific Hydrotech Corporation is a General Contractor that specializes in water ...

Superintendent - Construction

Path Construction
Lake Jackson, TX, US, 77566
Posted 2 days ago

Path Construction is seeking a qualified Superintendent to join our organization...

Construction Estimator With CAD Experience

Poured Foundations OF Ohio INC
Oakwood Village, OH, US,
Posted 2 days ago

Poured Foundations of Ohio, Inc. is looking for an Estimator with CAD experience...

Construction Scaffolding Labor GA - Professional Sporting Events

Columbus, GA, US,
Posted 2 days ago

The InProduction team has spent the better part of the last decade combining the...

Construction Site Supervisor/Quality Foreman

Sleeping Dog Properties
Boston, MA, US, 02118
Posted 2 days ago

SLEEPING DOG PROPERTIES: Are you seeking a dynamic Site Supervisor opportuni...

Superintendent - Construction

Path Construction
El Paso, TX, US, 61738
Posted 2 days ago

Path Construction is seeking a qualified Superintendent to join our organization...

Construction Scaffolding Labor LA - Professional Sporting Events

Metairie, LA, US,
Posted 2 days ago

The InProduction team has spent the better part of the last decade combining the...

Construction Engineer Water/Waste/Water Experience (2549)

CPM North America
Miami, Florida, US,
Posted 2 days ago

Ideal candidate is a PE or EIT engineer, who will work with water infrastructure...

Superintendent - Construction

Path Construction
Round Rock, TX, US, 78664
Posted 2 days ago

Path Construction is seeking a qualified Superintendent to join our organization...

Construction Superintendent NC

Qualified Builders, Inc.
Fayetteville, NC, US,
Posted 2 days ago

We are looking for an experienced Construction Superintendent to coordinate and ...

More about construction jobs

The construction industry always looks for skilled laborers who can help in building, maintaining, and repairing various sites and are involved in civil engineering construction. The professionals are required to hold a specialized degree in the respective field to perform different job responsibilities. On-job training and handyman skills are among the important requirements to work for any given role in the construction industry. It is a popular career option among individuals who prefer hands-on projects that comes all around the year.

Some Popular Career Options in the Construction Industry

The industry is further divided into different subsectors, offering job opportunities to individuals based on their diverse skill sets, experience, and educational qualification. Some roles in these sectors are:

  • Construction Worker: involves majorly in physical work on-site, which includes transporting supplies & building material, digging, operating machinery and equipment, and using both mechanical and hand tools.
  • Architects and Architectural Technologists: an architect works primarily in designing the structure, layout, and blueprint of the buildings. It requires a professional bachelor's degree in architecture and state licensure to apply for the job.
  • Geotechnical, Civil, and Structural Engineers: work together on different aspects of the building to ensure that the structure, technical aspects, foundation align with one other.
  • Miscellaneous Roles: this includes various professionals, including carpenters, glaziers, crane operators, ironworkers, plumbers, concrete finishers, painters, electricians, safety managers, foremen, and welders.
What salaries can you expect across different construction job profiles?

The construction industry offers employment to a vast range of professionals, having expertise in different fields.

  • The average hourly pay of construction laborers ranges between $15 to $19, depending on the nature of the job. The median salary of an operating engineer and a construction site operator is around $55,000.
  • Civil engineers can earn over $77,000 annually and the average annual salary of the construction managers can be above $90,000.
  • Different sectors and subsectors within the skilled trade industries offer an average annual salary from $29,000 to $60,000.

The best-paying cities in the United States for construction workers are the Atlantic city, Urban Honolulu, Kahului, Trenton, and Chicago.

Construction Career Qualifications & Skills

Different roles or job titles in the construction industry require you to have a dynamic educational background, technical and physical skillset.

Education Qualification

The required qualification to work in the skilled trades industry differs from role to role, e.g., a civil engineer would require a post-secondary degree in engineering and technology, whereas a construction worker would primarily involve in physical work on-site, thus only require a high-school diploma.

Technical Skills

Construction workers require a balance of different skills, including subject & technical knowledge, effective communication, physical endurance, and analytical skills to work efficiently on a given task. These skills can be acquired through training and experience. Some of the traits/skills required across different job profile includes:

For Construction Labours/ Workers – physical strength, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, teamwork, quick learning, communication, and time management.

For Architects and Civil Engineers – analytical thinking and reasoning, designing, numerical/mathematical, creativity, and problem-solving.

For Masons, Plumbers, Electricians, and others – technical, building & engineering knowledge, equipment & machine handling, strong memory, and construction technology.

For Project, Construction Managers and Supervisors – organization, leadership, customer service, decision making, problem-solving, and team management.

Construction Job Interview Tips

An interview is an important step for getting a job in any organization or company, so prepare for it accordingly. Some tips to keep in mind during an interview for any given job title may include:

  • Talk about a relevant experience in the field, considering the position you’re applying for
  • Highlight information related to your technical and analytical skills
  • Mention your previous experience (if applicable)
  • Be confident and answer all questions politely
  • Always carry a copy of your submitted resume and talk about things you’ve mentioned in that.

Additional Tip: List down information related to the previous work done in the respective field to show maximum field-related experience. Mention additional credentials and certifications acquired in the area.