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Full-Charge Bookkeeper

Grossberg Company LLP
Washington, DC, US,
Posted yesterday

Grossberg Company LLP, a mid-sized Washington DC area CPA firm, is a premier pro...

Experienced Bookkeeper

Rosen, Sapperstein & Friedlander, LLC
Baltimore, MD, US,
Posted 2 days ago

This Experienced Bookkeeper is responsible for assisting the day-to-day accounti...

Tax Preparer / Part-Time Bookkeeper

Steadman Tax Services LLC
Round Rock, TX, US, 78665
Posted 2 days ago

We are looking for an experienced tax preparer to join our company. Youll work c...

Full Charge Bookkeeper For Non Profit Organization

Making A Difference Foundation
Tacoma, WA, US, 98409
Posted 2 days ago

Under the direction of the President and CEO, this position is responsible for p...

Bookkeeper (Accounting Assistant)

Moser Consulting
Indianapolis, IN, US,
Posted 2 days ago

Moser Consulting is looking for a Bookkeeper (Accounting Assistant) to perform b...

Foodservice Bookkeeper

Abbvie, Inc
Lake County, IL, US,
Posted 2 days ago

About AbbVie AbbVie's mission is to discover and deliver innovative medicines th...


Status Solutions, LLC
Westerville, OH, US,
Posted 2 days ago

We have lots of different job titles, but to us, it is less about the title and ...

PT Full-Charge Bookkeeper (Quickbooks )

The Common Market
Philadelphia, PA, US, 19134
Posted 2 days ago

Our Vision, Mission & GrowthThe Common Market is a nonprofit local food dist...


Ectohr, Inc.
Troy, MI, US,
Posted 2 days ago

OBrien Construction is a Construction Manager & General Contractor with a 60-yea...


Performance Optimal Health
Westport, CT, US, 06880
Posted 3 days ago

Performance Optimal Health has always been ahead of its time. The Performance Op...

More about bookkeeper jobs

These professionals work in different financial and banking facilities to record and maintain various financial transactions. Their primary work is to record data related to sales revenue, expenses, payments, cash transfers, and cash withdrawal for a business, firm, company, or organization across different industries.

Some Roles and Responsibilities of a Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers can advance their careers in the banking industry with relevant experience, on-job training, and education qualification. These professionals are often promoted to work as staff accountants, full-charge bookkeepers, and accountants. The primary duties and responsibilities of bookkeepers in any banking or financial establishment are:

  • Create reports related to employee payrolls, office expenses, miscellaneous costs, insurance, and employee salaries
  • Record financial transactions into computer software or any other relevant software/tool
  • Make entries in the general ledger by analyzing balance sheets and income statements
  • Reconcile and report any discrepancies in the balance sheet – carefully note information related to assets, liabilities, and expenses.
  • Minimize errors in financial transactions or records to maintain the income and profit of a company/firm/organization.
What salaries can you expect as a bookkeeper?

The salary of bookkeepers varies due to many factors, including experiences, educational background, the industry they work in, employer, geographical area, and type of employment. Some of the best cities in the United States for bookkeepers are Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York, and California.

  • The entry-level bookkeepers with 1 to 4 years of experience in the field may earn somewhere between $15 to $16.30 per hour.
  • Professionals with around 5 to 9 years of experience may earn somewhere around $18 every hour. These mid-career bookkeepers take up more challenging tasks as compared to entry-level professionals.
  • With more experience in the field, bankers with over 10 or more years of experience can make between $19- $20 per hour.
Bookkeeper Job Qualifications & Skills

To work as a bookkeeper in the banking industry, you are required to work upon gaining formal educational qualifications and skills to perform the given tasks.

Educational Qualifications

Bookkeepers may require to have a Bachelor’s in Finance or Master’s Degree in Investment or Ph.D in Accounting, or any other relevant field. You may need to be proficient in double-entry bookkeeping to record routine transactions of a company. It is good to have additional credentials and certifications in the field. The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers offers the Certified Bookkeeper (CB) designation to the individual who excels in the exam. Similarly, you can also get a certification from the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers.

Technical and Personal Skills

These skills are offered the ability and knowledge to understand the work requirement of your job title, employment type, and organization. Some important skills required for bookkeepers are:

  • Mathematics or numeracy skills: this includes analytical skills as well. These help professionals to process transactions and understand financial trends in an economy
  • Software/computer-based knowledge: you must know how to operate/use the software and computing functions of an organization. Knowledge of QuickBooks, Fresh Books, or XERO is also beneficial
  • Communication skills: both written and oral skills are important while interacting with clients, stakeholders, investors, and customers to make them understand finance and bank-related information, policies, and regulations
  • Problem-solving skills: are required to resolve problems and concerns of both the institution or clients
  • Ledger-Bookkeeping: This is the primary skill of the job title; thus, it is significant for bookkeepers to understand both credit and debit transactions for double-entry bookkeeping
Bookkeeper Interview Tips

Bookkeepers help businesses run smoothly by maintaining records of their financial transaction; thus, the profile and skills of these professionals must stand out among other applicants. To get a job as a bookkeeper, you are required to prepare and analyze every step efficiently, including a job interview. The job interview is the crucial step for every job, that’s why here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before and during a job interview:

  • Make sure to be aware of the financial trends and latest economic news, as your interviewer may ask you questions related to that.
  • Demonstrate skills that are required for your job title
  • Be confident and give practical-based answers to technical questions.
  • Talk about your proficiency with different bookkeeping tools

Additional Tips: Other than your experience and education qualifications, list down all the credentials and certifications you have received in the subject. On-job training in the respective field may highlight your resume among others.


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