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Air Traffic Control Instructor - ZSU - Part-Time

Carolina, PR, US, 00983
Posted 2 days ago

Job ID: 2118027 * Location: * CAROLINA * PR * US * Date Posted: *2021-11-16 * C...

Air Traffic Control Instructor - S56 - Full-Time

Salt Lake City, UT, US, 84101
Posted 2 days ago

Job ID: 2117198 * Location: * SALT LAKE CITY * UT * US * Date Posted: *2021-11-...

Air Traffic Control Instructor - Academy - Tower - Casual

Oklahoma City, OK, US, 73113
Posted 2 days ago

Job ID: 2117760 * Location: * OKLAHOMA CITY * OK * US * Date Posted: *2021-11-1...

Air Traffic Control Instructor - ZDC - Part-Time

Leesburg, VA, US, 20178
Posted 2 days ago

Job ID: 2118030 * Location: * LEESBURG * VA * US * Date Posted: *2021-11-16 * C...

Air Traffic Control Instructor - CRP - Full-Time

Corpus Christi, TX, US, 78410
Posted 2 days ago

Job ID: 2118154 * Location: * CORPUS CHRISTI * TX * US * Date Posted: *2021-11-...

Air Traffic Control Specialist

Egg Harbor City, NJ, US, 08215
Posted 5 days ago

This contractor position is in support of the FAA's Aviation Weather Office req...

Air Traffic Control Instructor - ZAN - Casual

Anchorage, AK, US, 99501
Posted 7 days ago

Job ID: 2118057 * Location: * ANCHORAGE * AK * US * Date Posted: *2021-11-17 * ...

Air Traffic Control Instructor - ZSE - Part-Time

Auburn, WA, US, 98092
Posted 7 days ago

Job ID: 2118058 * Location: * AUBURN * WA * US * Date Posted: *2021-11-17 * Cat...

Air Traffic Control Instructor - D10 - Part-Time

Dallas, TX, US, 75201
Posted 7 days ago

Job ID: 2117620 * Location: * DALLAS-FORT WORTH * TX * US * Date Posted: *2021-...

Air Traffic Control Instructor - SHV - Part-Time

Barksdale Air Force Base, LA, US, 71110
Posted 7 days ago

Job ID: 2117204 * Location: * BARKSDALE AFB * LA * US * Date Posted: *2021-11-0...

More about air traffic control jobs

Air traffic controllers manage the movement of planes to keep them at a safe distance from one another. Approach control facilities, control towers, and route centers are all places where they operate. Because they must maintain optimum attention at all times, their work can be challenging. Air traffic controllers' employment is expected to expand 4% between 2020 and 2030, lower than that of the average for all occupations. Applicants must have completed the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative course and have an associate's or bachelor's degree. As of May 2020, the average yearly earnings for air traffic controllers were $130,420. 

Some in-demand Air Traffic Control Job Roles

Controllers typically control many flights at once and must make rapid decisions to assure the aircraft's security. A controller, for instance, might guide one aircraft on its final descent while delivering meteorological data to another. Their responsibilities differ depending on the setting in which they function. Here are some examples of different sorts of air traffic controllers:

  • Tower Controllers: On airport taxiways and runways, tower controllers regulate vehicular traffic, including airplanes. They examine flight schedules, issue the pilot's approval to take off or arrival, and regulate aircraft and some other traffic on the runways and throughout the airports.
  • Approach and Departure Controllers: They ensure that aircrafts flying through an airport's airspace keep a safe minimum gap. They permit to enter restricted airspace and pass off aircraft control to on destination controllers. They check aircraft trajectories with radar technology and work in structures known as TRACONs.
  • En route Controllers: Once planes depart the airspace of an airport, en route controllers keep an eye on them. They operate at air service traffic control facilities across the country, which are not generally placed at airports. They also alter aircraft flight paths to avoid accidents and improve overall security.
Salaries for Different Aircraft Traffic Control Job Profiles

The remuneration for the aircraft traffic control job depends on training level, education level, level of expertise, and the job setting. The mean yearly wage for the aircraft controller is $91,552.

  • The estimated average income for an entry-level Air Traffic Controller with less than one year of service is $79,585.
  • The average total remuneration for formative years Air Traffic Controller is $81,180.
  • The average total income for a mid-career professional with 5-9 years of expertise is $77,356.
  • The estimated average wage for an advanced Air Traffic Controller with 10-19 years of experience is $99,465 based on their expertise.
  • Employees in their late careers make an average of $120,132 in total earnings.
Qualifications and Skills Necessary for Aircraft Traffic Control Jobs

To pursue a career in aircraft traffic control, one should pursue education from Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-ATI) and meet FAA requirements. Besides qualifications, one must also possess skills like quick decision-making to move further on the career path.

Educational Qualification

An associate or bachelor's degree from an AT-CTI curriculum is often required for aspiring air traffic controllers. Applicants with three years of growing levels of responsibility may also be considered. A regular degree from an AT-CTI institution will equip you for a profession in air traffic control because these roles are fiercely competitive. Aspirants in these disciplines study classes on topics that are basic to aviation. Weather, reading charts, airspace, aviation, federal rules, approvals, and other related topics are taught to students.

Technical Skills
  • Safety Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Operations Management
  • Flight Operations
  • Maximize Safety
Personal Skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision Making
  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Mathematical Skills
Some Air Traffic Control Job Interviews

When appearing to interview for the air traffic control jobs, you should appear calm and patient. The job itself demands people with quick decision-making skills and analytical skills. Thus, to clear the interview you must prepare beforehand and appear confident before the interviewer.

  • Specifics relevant to the position you're looking for should be discussed. If you know you won't have much knowledge in the position you are going for, research this question beforehand and make sure you will be able to give some related instances based on your previous experiences.
  • When appearing for the interview, focus mainly on skills and abilities, accomplishments, and career goals. This brings out the best of you and presents it to the interviewer.
  • When answering a question such as tell me about you, make sure you have the answer prepared beforehand and ensure that it does not sound memorized. You should focus on sharing information about your qualifications, experience, and job-relevant hobbies.

Master Tip: Find the unique selling proponents that can make you stand apart from other candidates and an asset to the organization.