Local Hospitality Industry Heats Up in Seattle

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It appears as if those looking for work as housekeepers, restaurant and hotel workers are having luck in Seattle, Washington, as the hospitality industry is rebounding from the economic downturn.

According to the Seattle Times, state employment officials said that the city’s hotels, eating establishments and tourist attractions hired additional workers last month as more visitors flocked to the area. The hiring surge helped pushed the hospitality sector to its highest level of employment in more than 10 years.

Although many of the jobs are considered lower-wage or part-time positions, the state Department of Employment Security said the average hourly earnings of Washington workers who have the right qualifications on their resumes in the hospitality business often earn extra money through bonuses, free meals and cash tips.

Meanwhile, the tourism industry as a whole is also experiencing a recovery of sorts, with the U.S. Department of Commerce reporting that approximately 70 million global travelers visited the country last year, supporting 7.5 million jobs.

In Chicago, another city college has announced plans to help more students add a degree to their resume in order to find work in the emerging culinary and hospitality industry.

Companies that specialize in the business will team up with Kennedy-King College and Washburn Culinary Institute alumus Jimmy Bannnos, who is the owner of two area restaurants, to train students for 44,000 job openings in the field, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Companies are continuing to look to Chicago as a city with top talent and a place where they can grow and develop in the coming years, and our College to Careers program is an innovative way to ensure Chicagoans have the skills and education they need for the jobs of today and the careers of the future, Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated.

If you are thinking about a career in the restaurant or hospitality industry, you may want to take anassessment test to determine if you have the right qualifications on your resume to find a job, or if you will need additional training.

In the hospitality industry, you will need a broad set of qualifications depending on where you want to work. Some of these skills include self management, problem solving, teamwork, supply ordering, food and drink preparation and database bookkeeping.

An advanced degree in hospitality management will also help you master the principles of sustainability, administration, marketing and finance, which could help you find a position at lodging facilities, hotels, restaurants, casinos and tourist boards. 

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Washington State News

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