Entertainment, Creative Jobs Growing in Rhode Island

Entertainment Jobs Growing in Rhode Island Image

A new report has found that more people with experience in the creative arts and entertainment on their resume

 are finding work in Rhode Island.

According to the Creative Industries in Rhode Island study from the Rhode Island Citizens for the Arts (RICFA), the state has added 770 creative industry jobs and 460 new businesses during the past year, Providence Business News reports.

We’ve long understood the creative industries as a strong and resilient sector, and a significant asset to Rhode Island’s economy, Libby Slader, RICFA board chair, stated. “In addition to providing core industry jobs, the creative sector feeds innovation and entrepreneurship.This is truly a solid basis for more growth and makes for a wise investment in our state.”

Design-related business and jobs had the most growth over the past year, increasing by 26 percent. Positions in the motion picture industry jumped 47 percent over the same time period.

Jobs are being created in the arts-related businesses, which are important to tourism and broader economic development efforts, Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed added.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities for art directors are expected to increase by 9% through the end of the decade.

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