Rhode Island Foundation Launches “New” Culinary Arts Initiative in Pawtucket

Culinary Arts initiative in Pawtucket, Rhode Island Image

Looking to support the culinary arts community in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the Charles & Agnes Kazarian Foundation said it has agreed to help support an initiative to bring health cuisine to the city.The mission of the “new” Pawtucket Culinary Arts Initiative is to help the city become a creative center for vegan, vegetarian and macrobiotic food.Pawtucket, which is one of the largest cities in Rhode Island, is already known as a mecca for arts and culture, often referred to as an “artistic enclave.”

Pawtucket is an ideal location for healthy culinary arts, as the city already has several similar creative initiatives, including Hope Artiste Village, Pawtucket Arts Festival, Slater Mill and Wintertime Farmers Markets, the Gamm Theater, and Foundry Artists Show, commented co-chair Richard Kazarian.The Initiative seeks to support those with culinary experience on their resume and envisions more than a dozen new health food restaurants, as well as health food and retail stores and state of the art culinary classes and educational facilities in the city.Interviews are currently being conducted for board members.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for chefs, head cooks and food preparation workers are expected to grow by 6% through the end of the decade. 

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