More Than 200 People Apply for Portland Police Officer Openings

Photo of two Portland police officers.

Many people who have a desire to provide assistance to the public have earned a degree in criminal justice. With a postsecondary education on a resume, individuals can increase their chances of obtaining a job as a law enforcement official.

Although working as a police officer can be a dangerous job, a number of people still have a heightened interest in embarking on a career path in the field, according to The Oregonian. Recently, more than 200 people applied to fill law enforcement positions in the Portland area within the first 8 minutes of the hiring process.

With this economy, if we left it open, we’d have over 600 people applying, Sean Murray, the bureau’s human resources manager, told the news source.

Many of the applications that the Portland bureau received were online. However, more than 25 people showed up on Valentine’s Day to apply for the positions as well.

Although the sluggish economy has hindered the expansion of many industries, the criminal justice field continues to thrive. Employment of police officers is predicted to increase by 10% over the next 7 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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