More Financial Jobs Moving Out of Big Apple

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People interested in adding a finance degree to their resume with thoughts of working on Wall Street may need to rethink job location in the future.According to analysts, more financial giants are moving away from New York City and expanding into cheaper locations across the U.S., The New York Times reports.

Places like New York or London will remain financial centers, but most of the players are taking a much harder look and asking whether they can move large numbers of jobs, James Malick, a partner at the Boston Consulting Group who advises banks on relocation, told the news outlet. “Some functions need to stay in the United States, but they don’t need to be in New York City or near the client.”Data from a number of financial firms finds some of the most popular locations for near-shoring include Florida, North Carolina and Utah.Many people who are thinking about a career in finance take an assessment test to determine if they have the necessary skills to work in the field.The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for financial analysts are expected to increase faster than other occupations, by 23%, through the end of the decade. 

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New York State News

Goldman, Metlife to Release NYC Workforce Diversity Data

Professionals with a finance degree on their resume looking for work in New York City will soon have hiring information on two of the city’s biggest financial companies.

New York Lawmakers Look at BSN in 10 Bill for Nurses

New York lawmakers are debating a bill that would require new registered nurses (RNs) to obtain a bachelor’s degree within 10 years in order keep working in the state.

High Tech Job Creation Helping New York City Outpace Nation

A report finds that professionals with high tech experience on their resume may be able to find work in New York City, as the hub begins to outpace most of the nation.

Nordstrom to open in New York City, create 1,000 retail jobs

After more than two decades of speculation, Nordstrom has confirmed that it will open a New York flagship store in Midtown Manhattan.


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