The Top 5 Jobs in New Jersey

The Top 5 Jobs in New Jersey

You can choose a career based on whether you have a talent for it or if it pays a big salary. But spending the money and time for training won’t do you any good if there are zero job openings in your chosen field. A more practical strategy is to select a career based on how common it is. Then, when you’re ready to look for work, there will be more open positions waiting for you. Here are five of the most popular jobs in New Jersey.

1. Forest & Conservation Workers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, forest and conservation workers make a mean salary of 35,830 dollars per year, or 17.23 dollars per hour. They help maintain and protect the quality of the state’s forests by working under foresters and forest technicians. They also reforest areas by planting seedlings, suppressing forest fires, counting trees to measure their population, and spraying trees with insecticides.

A high school diploma is the typical minimum entry requirement. Workers then receive training on the job. Some community colleges and vocational schools offer two-year programs for forest management technology, which may be helpful in securing employment. These opportunities make Forest Conversation work a great option for jobs in New Jersey.

2. Building Cleaning Workers

Building cleaning workers consist of several categories, each with their own salaries. Janitors can perform light repairs as well as clean restrooms, order cleaning supplies, and secure buildings by locking access points. They may also work outdoors by mowing lawns and sweeping walkways. Their average salary is 27,440 dollars per year, or 13.19 dollars per hour.

Maids work indoors fixing beds, vacuuming, washing dishes, and doing laundry. They receive a mean annual salary of 22,890 dollars, or 11.01 dollars per hour. Both janitors and maids have a chance to move up to supervisory positions, which are in charge of hiring, training, and assigning schedules and tasks to subordinates. Supervisors make a mean annual salary of 44,380 dollars per year, or 21.34 dollars an hour. These workers don’t demand any prerequisites because employees are normally trained on the job.

3. Marriage & Family Therapists

Marriage and family therapists make 67,870 dollars per year, or 32.63 dollars per hour, as they help individuals, couples, and families maintain their relationships and manage mental and emotional problems. Therapists listen to clients express their feelings, diagnose any mental disorders, offer treatments and new living strategies, and may refer clients to other professionals, such as social workers. 

The job normally requires a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, psychology, counseling, or social work. New Jersey also mandates completing a criminal background check, passing a national licensing board examination, and undergoing at least three years of supervised experience.

4. Environmental Science Teachers, Postsecondary

Postsecondary environmental science teachers earn an average salary of 92,010 dollars per year. (Their non-standard work schedules with summers off don’t allow for hourly rate calculations.)

Environmental science teachers create and carry out lesson plans, evaluate and grade student tests and homework, and supervise efforts in the classroom, lab, and the field. They may also conduct research and publish articles in scholarly journals. Most have doctorates, especially when working at four-year universities. However, master’s degrees may be sufficient for some positions at community colleges.

5. Septic Tank Services & Sewer Pipe Cleaners

Earning a mean salary of 46,340 dollars per year, or 22.28 dollars per hour, septic tank services and sewer pipe cleaners maintain and repair sewer lines, septic tanks, and drains. They operate manual and powered cleaning equipment, such as power rodders, bucket machines, and high-velocity water jets. They also locate and fix problems, keep records of their actions, and patch the walls and make other repairs to tanks. No educational prerequisites are needed because cleaners learn their skills on the job.

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