Massachusetts Looks to Train Thousands of Future Casino Workers

Casino Worker Training in Massachusetts Image

Despite the fact that there are no operating casinos up and running in Massachusetts, employment officials anticipate the need to train thousands of potential workers in order to fill job openings once those casinos open their doors in the future.

Members of the state gaming commission recently heard from officials from Holyoke Community College (HCC) about the need to prepare workers for casino jobs that are expected to become available in Western Massachusetts, WGGB-TV reports.

Irrespective of your opinions relative to the merits of a casino gaming industry, it’s here. It’s going to provide jobs and and we need to do the best we can do to make sure those jobs go to people who really need them, HCC President William Messner told commission members.

Messner added that those jobs will come in a wide variety of areas, not just at the gaming tables. He said applicants will have to have an array of skills on their resume.

I.T., management jobs, facility jobs, hospitality jobs…you name it. Any kind of job that you would tend to find in a major hotel, conference center, restaurant, you’re going to find in a casino setting, Messner added.

Meanwhile in Ohio, more than 12,000 visitors turned out to celebrate the grand opening of the Hollywood Casino in Columbus recently. Penn National Gaming, which owns the casino, recently hired more than 2,000 people. An economic study last year also projected that the casino would generate another 2,650 spinoff jobs in the area including at nearby hotels and restaurants.

The state will open a total of 3 gambling venues in less than 5 months, including the scheduled opening of the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, which is set to be operational in the spring.

If you are interested in finding work at a casino, you will need to highlight certain skills on your resume that include customer service and hospitality experience or a background in accounting, depending on what position you are hoping to land. While hiring requirement will vary with each job description, many applicants must have experience in the field already or complete in-house training. Employer are always looking for workers who are reliable and have good communication skills. If you are applying for work at a smaller casino, many hiring managers are looking for people who are able to operating several different type of games.

Taking an online aptitude test can you determine if you have the necessary skills needed to enter the field, or if you will need additional postsecondary training or related experience.

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