Biotechnology Health Care Jobs Fastest Growing in Massachusetts

While a new report has found that the biotechnology health care sector is growing faster than any other industry in Massachusetts, there are concerns that federal budget cuts could threaten the overall vitality of the industry.According to the new study of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) gathered by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, despite the recent economic slowdown, the biotech industry in Massachusetts has outpaced all other states in job growth from 2007 to 2011, as it maintains its status as a leader in health care research and development.Massachusetts continues to demonstrate its ability to foster innovation, particularly in start-up and early-stage biotech companies with continued investment from the venture community. This trend will further drive biopharma job creation in the Bay State, Debbie Paul, EvaluatePharma chief executive officer of Americas, noted.

However, another new report finds industry leaders are worried that proposed budget cuts could eliminate more than 17,000 health care jobs in Massachusetts.Continual reductions to hospital reimbursement only lead to destabilizing the healthcare system at a time when we are in the process of transforming the system to maintain access, lower the cost trend, and continue to improve quality and patient care, Lynn Nicholas, president & chief executive officer of the Massachusetts Hospital Association, told WBUR News.The report by the the economic research firm Tripp Umbach also found that Massachusetts will not be the only state affected by impending cuts. The company said more than 496,000 jobs across the country are at risk.If you are looking for a career in health care, you may want to focus your job hunt on the emerging biotechnology market, which includes entry-level to management positions in laboratories, academic institutions and agriculture.


Many people searching for a biotechnology job may think they need an advanced degree on theirresume in order to find work, which is not necessarily true.Students who have a background in biology, environmental science or chemistry may want to consider a Certificate in Biotechnology, which can help you transfer your current skills into biomedical, clinical or pharmaceutical research.

Non- scientific careers

For those of you who want to transfer your business skills into the growing biotech field, all biotechnology companies offer non-scientific careers in marketing, sales, finance, distribution investor relations and material planning.According to MassBioEd, it typically takes 10 to 15 years to bring a biotech product out the laboratory and into the marketplace, therefore there are a number of opportunities available for non-research positions, including manufacturing and package development.



For scientists and others applying for work in the biotechnology health care field, you can use either a chronological resume that focuses on your work history, or a functional resume, which categorizes your experience and skills under several key areas.

Your resume should always contain a summary statement – a brief description of your most important qualifications, years of experience in the field and your specific area of specialization.Dr. Peter Fiske, author of “Put Your Science to Work,” said applicants should always have several different types of resumes that can target several different career paths and highlight your skills for each individual job.You can look online for resume samples that can be customized to highlight your expertise and can be tailored to match an employer’s requirements.If you do not have a background in biotechnology, make sure you underscore your soft skills, which include good communication, problem solving and organization, as well as your ability to work well with others and your openness to new ideas. These qualifications could help set you apart from other candidates and position you as a long-term,valuable employee.

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