The Top 5 Jobs in Maryland

The Top 5 Jobs in Maryland

As one of the country’s first 13 colonies, Maryland is a state known for its rich history. Maryland’s also a haven for sports fans, beach enthusiasts, and nature photographers. Oh, and their crab cakes might possibly change your life. But most importantly, the state is becoming known for its booming job market.

According toa recent study, Maryland ranked second in the nation in education and ninth in technology and innovation. Here’s some in-depth information about Maryland’s most promising jobs.

Top Education Jobs in Maryland

If you're looking for a job in mechanical engineering, teaching, communications, administration, fundraising, project management, or facilities management, you’re in the right place. Towson University is ranked number one in the top five jobs in Maryland for work/life balance, job security, advancement, compensation and benefits.

One of the largest public universities in the state, Towson was founded in 1866 and is now the home of eight colleges and more than 20,000 students. According to a few current employees, Towson is, "an encouraging workplace" and "a productive and fun place to work."

Top Healthcare Jobs in Maryland

Maryland has a wide variety of opportunities for healthcare workers. But, the one ranked highest isHoly Cross Hospital. Founded in 1963 by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, this 443-bed, not-for-profit teaching hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Maryland. 

Current employment opportunities at Holy Cross include radiation therapists, registered nurses, administration, occupational therapists, supervisors, surgical technicians, and finance counselors. The hospital ranks high in job culture and management. Current employees remark that Holy Cross is "a great opportunity to learn and teach with great management" and that the company has "good long-term benefits."Coming in a close second as Maryland’s top source of healthcare jobs is theSheppard Pratt Health Systemin Baltimore County. With over 30 programs in 11 Maryland counties, Sheppard Pratt Health System is a private, non-profit health system, offering behavioral health services to children, adolescents, and adults. 

Employee reviews mention that Sheppard Pratt is "a rewarding career choice in a positive work environment" and "a great place to work with excellent training." They’re currently hiring social workers, nurses, educators, mental health professionals, accounting personnel, counselors, physical therapists, administration professionals, and speech pathologists.

Top Government Jobs in Maryland

Maryland is fifth in the nation when it comes to the number of government jobs, including both federal contract and public-sector employment. One of the top places to work in Maryland, especially for job security and advancement, is theNational Security Agency(NSA). Mathematicians have the highest chance of gaining employment with the NSA, since they employ more of the country's mathematicians than anyone else.

As code makers and code breakers, the NSA’s mission is to protect the United States' information systems as well as infiltrate the systems of enemies. Current job postings include intelligence analysts, software engineers, and computer systems architects. If you're looking for an opportunity to make a global impact at work, the NSA provides this. Current employees say the NSA is "an excellent place to work, exciting, and challenging," and "a job with impact and security."If you're a scientist—either computer or social scientist—health analyst, chemist, pharmacologist, or chemical engineer, then theFood and Drug Administration(FDA) is worth looking into. Ranked high for work/life balance, the FDA offers flexible hours and government benefits. Current employees say he FDA has "a productive environment where respect of persons is a priority," and that it’s "a professional and enjoyable workplace."

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