The Top 5 Jobs in Hawaii

The Top 5 Jobs in Hawaii

The Aloha State is known for its surfing, natural wonders, and pristine waters. But the booming job market gives you yet another reason to fall in love with this sandy paradise. Read on and learn more about the top five jobs in Hawaii.

The Travel & Tourism Industries

Though the top five jobs in Hawaii have varied from year to year, some trends have always remained consistent. Since achieving statehood in 1959, the largest Hawaiian industry has centered around tourism. In fact, five out of Hawaii’s top 10 jobs are all in the travel industry—and they’remore popular in Hawaii than anywhere else in the country.Travel-related fields such as construction (building new hotels, restaurants, etc.), meeting and convention planning, and concierge services lead the way in both short- and long-term occupational growth projections,according to Hawaii Business website’s recent projections.Among the top employers for concierge workers, the popular travel siteExpedia Local Expertranks as one of the best. It offers its employees monthly birthday lunches with the general manager and even pet insurance!

Are You Retail Oriented?

If travel and tourism aren’t for you, there are other opportunities for you in the service sector. In fact, retail sales is one of the fastest-growing jobs in all of Hawaii. If you’re looking for a specific employer,Servco Pacific, has made Hawaii Business’s list of best places to work nine straight years and counting as of 2013.Primarily an automotive company but now also featuring insurance and investment services, Servco treats its nearly 1,000 employees to a free fitness center, long-term healthcare benefits, financial help for continuing education, and discounts on new vehicles.

Make Bank in the Financial Services Industry

Many of Hawaii’s best places to work, per Hawaii Business magazine, are actually banks and banking-related services such as credit unions and mortgage brokers.Leading lending institutions such asAmerican Savings Bank,Central Pacific Bank, andFirst Hawaiian Bankemploy over 4,000 people in the Honolulu area and have made Hawaii Business’s Best Places to Work list at least three years and counting.

Healthy Growth for Healthy Companies

Over the long term, 2010 to 2020, the fastest-growing jobs in percentage terms are expected to be in the health, information technology, and marketing fields,says the Labor Department.Workplaces likeKokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Servicesenjoy produce free-of-charge from the local nature preserve, all while preserving the health and wellness of Kalihi Valley’s residents.

How You Too Can Work at One of the Top 5 Jobs in Hawaii

Do any of the above jobs or fields sound like interesting opportunities to you? If so, it’s important to know how to market your number one asset: yourself.Building a respectable resumeandcrafting the perfect cover lettercan be the keys to getting your foot in the door ahead of other applicants. LiveCareer will help you land the job that’s best for you. So go ahead and get started; a top five job in Hawaii awaits!

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