Delta’s Move to Georgia Could Help Create New Travel Jobs

Delta Move to Georgia Could Create Travel Jobs Image

Delta airline could soon be looking for people with travel industry experience on their resumes in Georgia.

The airline said that it is currently evaluating  its MLT Vacations planning business to determine whether the company will move its operations to Atlanta from Edina, Minnesota, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Although the airline has vowed to keep the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as one of its main hubs, the company has already relocated hundreds of workers to the Atlanta area in the past 2 years.

Steve Sear, senior vice president of global sales for Delta, said moving some of the travel planning business jobs to Atlanta could help the company better align its corporate resources.

In order to ensure long-term success in an increasingly competitive environment, we need to evaluate the business closely and identify opportunities to expand and enhance the MLT business model, Sear told the news source.

Sear said Delta hopes to make a decision on the possible move within the next several months.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for travel agents are expected to increase by 10% through 2020 and will be best for those with formal postsecondary training.

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