Florida Governor Signs Bills to Boost Trade, Maritime Jobs

Bill Boosts Maritime Jobs in Florida Image

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed two bills into law that will help create more maritime jobs.

According to Sunshine State News, the two transportation-related bills will pump millions of dollars into the state’s Seaport Transportation and Economic Development program, help expedite resource permits for dredging material and create a strategic investment initiative while helping to boost trade at the state’s ports.

Well over 1 million Florida jobs rely on international business, and along with international investment it accounted for about one-sixth of Florida’s economy last year,  Scott stated in a release after attending the Breaking Down Barriers to International Trade Forum hosted by the World Trade Center Miami.

Doug Wheeler, president of the Florida Ports Council, praised the bills, saying they would help Florida bring in more cargo and cruise passenger ships to help position the state as a significant global trade competitor.

Florida’s leadership is committed to making sure that our state is prepared to capture some of the growing international trade market share,  Wheeler added.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for water transportation occupations are expected to increase by 20% through 2020.

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